QuakeCon forums hacked, logins/passwords taken

TVGB: "It's been a while since we've carried news of a hacking. Shame it didn't last.

The QuakeCon forums at have been unlawfully intruded upon, id Software alerts via the event's site, confirming that usernames and passwords have been compromised."

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theonlylolking2706d ago

They must be angry that the graphics on consoles for RAGE are not as good as gears of war 3.(I know that was uncalled for)

NealCaffrey2706d ago

What does that got to do with anything?

Ocelot5252706d ago

the war on gamers continues

zeal0us2706d ago

why can't these hackers do something useful?

user8586212706d ago

I doubt these are the same people that would contribute to something like wikileaks

Noctis1062706d ago

these pathetic retards just don't know where to stop, do they?