Want to make your own free 3d games

Platinum Arts' Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker has been available for a while now, but the developers at have just completed a free proof-of-concept game to show off the package's capabilities. Rose Child of the Storm is a first-person action RPG showing off the engine's ability to feature interactive NPCs, save games, triggers, experience systems and more. You can download it here.

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consolez_FTW2656d ago

ooo this seems interesting. I'm gonna try to go play around with this.

Spooder2656d ago

or you could, you know...learn how to make real games...

DeleteThisxx2656d ago

Um, every small step counts towards learning something. This is a fantastic tool for people looking to get some form of experience in what goes into development. Sure, it may not be advanced but no matter how big or small it's still a learning experience.

consolez_FTW2656d ago

umm...Why don't you try entering this over crowded industry and actual make a profit you could live off of. You have no idea the challenges of making your own game. I'm sure when you grow older you'll understand.

Spooder2656d ago

I do make games, and I know it's tough to make a living off of it.
But tools like these do not give people a good place to start, they just stop people from trying to learn a legitimate development related skill.
I learned C++ in a day, and to this day I have never struggled with my work.
People over-estimate how hard it is to do, yes the actual making of the game is a long and difficult process, but anyone who graduated high school should be able to do it.

consolez_FTW2656d ago

Then Spooder, why would you try being a douche bag to me. Plus saying that you learn C++ in one day. Either that was like 24hrs. of straight programming or you just lost all respect I have for you.

Spooder2656d ago

I was not trying to be a douche bag. I legitimately want you, and people in general to stop playing with these child's toys and learn a skill.
C++ syntax can be learned in a matter of hours, code is very repetitive. I am still learning to this day how to do specific things like multiplying vertices by transformation and rotation matrices and ray casting, but it all built off the syntax that can be learned in a matter of hours.

vickers5002655d ago


What's a good guide to learning c++?

I tried learning from a guide a while back and it didn't really explain everything all that well, it just said "this does this, that does that, next lesson" (not literally obviously) but never explained why it has to do it, how it does it, what you need to know before actually using the tutorial, what you will be using it for, what the terminology is, etc.

I used to want to learn c++, but because of all the things you have to know about beforehand and the fact that the tutorial didn't go into very much depth into the what, why, and how, I gave up.

Recommend any good guides?

Lord_Sloth2656d ago

I dunno, UV mapping has me stuck and is very bothersome.

Spooder2656d ago

What graphics API are u using?
In openGL/GLSL all you need to do is pass the vertex shader the texture coordinate.

Lord_Sloth2656d ago

Not sure what an API is, dude. Teaching myself amd I'm using Autodesk Softimage XSI Modtool for the application which isn't the issue. I knw how to apply it. Designing it is proving difficult. I've been told I can do this in Photoshop but can't seem to figure out how.

Spooder2656d ago

aaah, I see.
Well in that case. Good luck :P

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OhMyGandhi2656d ago

Totally agree with Spooder.
Game "Makers" like these are quite awful to start with.
sure you make games rather quickly, but the truth is: trying getting a programming job, they'll laugh you out the door.

Anyone looking into programming should first learn BASIC. then C++, and obviously, C#.
BASIC is a great jumping off point, it gets you in the rhythm of writing extremely simple code fast, with a language that although obsolete, can get you into the right frame of mind even if your a one man team (like me) and dread programming.

What's funny is that even though I code primarily in C#, I still will go back to "Game Maker" for pre-visualization/concept stuff.

we all have our faults, I suppose. :)