Examiner's Resistance 3 hands-on: The first 7 chapters

Examiner: It's rather interesting that the two first person shooters of 2011 that were set near the middle of the United States both progressed to opposite ends of the country as their stories unfolded. Homefront started Colorado and ended in San Francisco, while Resistance 3 starts in Oklahoma and supposedly ends in New York City. We happened to get our hands on with a preview build of the latter featuring the first 7 chapters, enough to bring us all the way to St. Louis.

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user83971442657d ago

Sounds good, hopefully this make memories like Resistance: Fall of Man.

beavis4play2657d ago

i think it will - i still go back to FoM.... and the reason is the weapon many killing options available. #2 was hurt by the lack of the wheel. carrying just 2 weapons limited what could be done in the game.
i can't wait to get #3! i've already preordered off of amazon. i picked amazon to get access to the fuel grenades from #1.

Cloudberry2657d ago

I love the graphics, atmosphere, story, setting, weapons and the chimeras.