Legal Issues? There's an app for that - Thoughts on TPCi's takedown of mobile apps

The Pokémon Company has moved to have Pokémon related apps of all types removed from the Android market, resulting in a backlash from certain segments of the fandom against Nintendo and The Pokémon Company. A good amount of this backlash appears to be based on the attitude that there is a double standard between how apps and fansites are treated. Things aren't quite so clear cut however, and there's a number of underlying issues that need to be considered.

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zeal0us2657d ago

android users have nothing to worry about, they can just go search for the apk file online. Ipad/phone I don't know about.

Archaic2656d ago

If the developers know what they're doing, those apk files won't be distributed all that widely. If there was even a hint that those apk files are being distributed with their knowledge and permission, then TPCi would undoubtedly target them for more legal action.