Alibaba, China's largest e-commerce operator: No plans to invest in web portal or online gaming

Alibaba Group, the operator of the largest B2B and C2C platforms in China, is inclined to not invest in the operation of web portals and online gaming services, according to the group's founder and CEO Jack Ma who delivered a lecture on November 5 at the Global Leader Forum held in Taipei by Taiwan-based Chinatrust Financial Holding.

"There are already many large web portals in China and this will make it a very difficult market for newcomers" Ma pointed out. "Online gaming services have a large market potential, but the operation involves many problems" Ma indicated.

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games4fun4000d ago

it would be horrible for the government to have people from other countries state facts: tienamin square anyone? A lot of people would tell their Chinese neighbors about the injustice of their government. Real reason not to network games to the outside world lol. they cant filter what people say on a gaming network.