Uncharted 3 Beta Stats, Beta Now Ends Friday In Most Regions.

Naughty Dog: As the rest of the team has been working incredibly hard on the remaining tasks to complete Uncharted 3, other folks at the studio – namely Jason, our in-house web developer – have been working really hard to allow you to view some of your Beta stats.

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LOGICWINS2706d ago

Great beta. Can't wait to pickup the GOTY edition.

Drekken2706d ago

I want UC3 when it comes out, not a year later. GG, way to be supportive.

LOGICWINS2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Well, thats your perspective. I'd rather buy the game for $50 with ALL the DLC and extra goodies. Who cares if I have to wait a year later? I have plenty of games to play until then...along with enjoying the 85% of my life that doesn't revolve around gaming.

And I'm still supporting ND..they're just not getting my money right away. Don't know about you, but I care more about getting the most bang for MY buck than supporting a dev that I don't even know personally.

Solidus187-SCMilk2706d ago

they mentioned it a while back but I figured we wouldnt get any stats at all since it was about to end. Im glad they extended it.

I cant view the article but I will go later to view my stats. I am past 25 and have most the treasures, but I dont care about the decals. Im not playing more of the modes I dont want for a decal.

I will be buying the game right when it comes out because I buy uncharted games for the multiplayer. SP is cool for me like 1 or 2 times, but I keep playing the multiplayer for a long time.

Im even going to go to subway to get early access to the full multiplayer in October, even though subway isnt very good.

joydestroy2706d ago

my stats were reset a few days ago to a level 1 and no one at Naughty Dog has responded to me

Lucreto2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

They have a blog post about it.

The site is being hit hard with people looking at their stats. Just so you know.

joydestroy2706d ago

just wanted to say thanks a bunch for replying with that link. shed some light and am glad they at least knew about it. sucks i won't get the rewards now though =/

Lucreto2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

You will get the rewards

ND still have your data it is just not displayed.

Lets say you have 10,000 exp from level 25 and you get back to level 1 you just need to get the 10,000 and you get the reward.

The same with how many matches you have played.

joydestroy2706d ago

yeah what sucks is that i've forgotten my log-in password for PSN since we were all forced to change it. wouldn't be a problem except the service online for recovering your password is STILL down so now i have to call just to get my PSN password so i can check my stats online and see how far i have to go =/

thanks again though dude, you helped a lot with that article!

Blackdeath_6632706d ago

didnt like uncharted multiplayer at first both UC2 and UC3 beta but it has growen on me and i found my self playing 6 hours straight. i understand fully what ppl are on about now and i think this game is very much able to compete with the rest at around the same time of release.

TheCampfireSong2706d ago

NOO!! Im gonna miss the beta, can't wait to get my Collectors edition!