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EMGN: "From the inventors of the first person shooters, id software, comes RAGE. Set for release on October 4, 2011, RAGE will be available on PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3. From what we saw at the E3 demo, RAGE will not disappoint."

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Madusha2707d ago

RAGE looks and feels amazing. Every aspect of the game world has been developed to perfectionism. The visuals provide a truely brilliant and eye-opening experience.

It's also being released on my b'day =O

Crazyglues2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Yes this is always fascinating to me, how can people not see this, the game is looking amazing..

It's probably the most advance game to come out this year... John Carmack is a God in the Gaming world, and if you doubt this guy then you just have no idea who he is...

The game is what Borderlands should have been, it's what fallout would have been if fallout had amazing graphics and gameplay..

This game is going to be so good -people just have No Idea..


kingdoms2706d ago

Are you an adult? Why to you leave a PS3 at the end of all your comments?

Anyways this game is close to the top of my list

Crazyglues2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

@ kingdoms

Here's a better question, Are you an adult? because an Adult wouldn't care why I have a PS3 symbol at the end of my comment..

way to expose yourself little kid..

(I have a ps3 symbol at the end of my comments because I'm actually loving my PS3 right now, I also have a wii and an Xbox 360 and a PC.. but I only playing on my PS3 at the moment and I'm loving it...

I think the logo looks cool, and I also tend to notice that the PS3 logo only really upsets 360 fanboys...I'm not a fanboy so I don't know why it makes them so upset..

-So Just like a real adult wouldn't care what kind of car I drive..? Real adults don't care what logo I put at the end of my comments

-(so just like you probably thought that avatar looked good, I think it looks stupid, are you going to go change it now?)


MOTY2706d ago

@ Crazyglues

I agree with you in terms of how talented Carmak is. However, Rage is coming out 2 years after Borderlands and Fallout. That's a lot of extra time devoted into RAGE. I loved Borderlands and still do and am greatly anticipating Borderlands 2.

As for your PS3 insignia...I don't really care about it, but I did think you were some kid because it was there.

Then when you said

"way to expose yourself little kid.. "

It pretty much validated my guess that you were a kid. Which is fine. Nothing wrong with being a kid. We were all kids at some point in our lives.

Crazyglues2706d ago


I think the thing you don't understand is I get a lot of stupid comments here on

So if I act childish by responding to someone with one bubble, yes that's my fault..

and if that makes me a kid then ok, I'll be a kid for today... whatever -(still doesn't make his comment any less stupid)

-But back on topic yes RAGE is my next game -that and Ace Combat: Assault Horizon - I just feel like Carmak is not someone who would make a bad game, I'm pretty sure he has done his homework..

I think it will be as good as boderlands and fallout were in their time.. so I can't wait, should be a really good game..


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Madusha2706d ago

Agreed mate, gonna be one of the best of 2011 IMO. Actually, amazing is very much an understatement. id Software has really done it this time.

X_iGame_X2706d ago

The disagrees for your comment won't be =P

trainsinrdr2706d ago


NukaCola2706d ago

Looks great visually & gameplay wise. Need info on side quests. leveling systems, modding etc. I know nothing of the core interface,

X_iGame_X2706d ago

Read the preview, it's well covered.

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