New York Yankees Captain Derek Jeter Is an Old School Gamer

The New York Yankees are one of those teams, like the Dallas Cowboys, that you either love, or love to hate. But for most of his career, Derek Jeter has been the one guy most people liked. In fact, he was on the cover of 2K Sports MLB 2K5, 2K6 and 2K7 for just that reason. These days, with his poor batting average pulling down the team and his recent decision to skip the MLB All-Star Game in Phoenix (along with most of the other big names in baseball), he’s become the subject of negative press. Jeter talks about his earlier days, when playing video games was a bigger part of his life, in this exclusive interview.

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ZBlacktt3561d ago

I was just playing some old school games on my Atari 2600 just an hour ago, lol. Busted it out for old time sake. Then back to the PS3 I went.