Player Affinity | What Are The Best Free-to-Play Shooters?

Player Affinity writes: With all the new free-to-play shooters being released these days, it's hard to tell if there are quality games behind the trend, or if free-to-play is just a recent fad. After having played many of the most popular free-to-play online shooters, here are the free shooters most worthy of your time.

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ThatEnglishDude2656d ago

...3 games? and 1 of those you stated was obvious. What a pointless article. BTW, where's Americas Army?

CrimsonEngage2656d ago

If this list were on Digg i'd bury it for not having Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory on it.

Crap list.

zeal0us2656d ago

What Are The Best Free-to-Play Shooters?

The ones that fight the d*** aimbotters and hackers.