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A year and a half has gone by since Eye of Judgment was first unveiled. The game made its debut at E3 2006, which did for Sony what It's a Royal Knockout did for Prince Edward. EoJ a bit lost what everything else going on. Mixed in with all the giant enemy crabs, drunken aircraft and grazing rhinos flying about the place, the sight of Phil Harrison faffing about with a pack of cards and a camera just seemed like another bizarre piece in a rubbish puzzle.

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coolfool4051d ago

I thought it would be dull but it really does look kinda of fun and innovative.

But really, how many are they actually expecting to sell? How many kinds of people is this really going to appeal to? I don't think normal trading cards games really do that well in the average household (no I don't have trading card games sells stats links) so I am not sure that this is going to be different.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4051d ago

If you know nothing about Trading Card Games GOFY. Its great card game. Its most fun I had with card games since I played Magic: The Gathering.

titntin4051d ago

I must admit - I'm loving it! I wanted the eye for video chat with mates and to use the noise cancelling mic instead of a blutooth headset fro online matches, so I thought I might as well try it with a game.

I'm hooked. Search on Ebay to get cheaper cards... :)

andy0014051d ago

Well I never played a ccg but play the odd board game, settlers, carcassonne and the like. I picked it up because it looked like a really cool game to play when we have visitors.

Haven't managed to play a game yet but did set it up and made sure everything works. Graphics are very good and it looks like it will be a lot of fun. Add to that a couple of cheap eye toy games from PSN and it adds a whole new dimension to your playstation games.

Some might say it is 4d :o)

predator4051d ago

it looks like a real good idea, but the price is putting people of maybe? i would like to play it tho for the experiance

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