The week of announcements continues

It appears this week is filled to the rafters with various announcements. Either the gaming world is feeling quite generous or they’re just off on their jollies next week, so they’re just getting everything out in the open before they start packing. Either way the gaming news just keeps on flowing.

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Kee2678d ago

Those headphones look awesome. It may sway me. I wasn't going to pre-order saint's row 3.

Danielmccue2678d ago

Read the smallprint.

(NOT COMPATIBLE with playstation network. for use with 3.5 mm audio input and smart phone devices only)

Does that mean you can't use them with your TV/Monitor?

Kee2678d ago

If your TV has a 3.5mm audio input and the wire is long enough, you can. But I basically just want it for my mp3 player.