/rant: What is the Deal With Online Passes?

Ryan Hillis of Gaming Irresponsibly rants about online passes

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n4gisatroll2652d ago

I don't understand why people aren't upset over this. It's another way to spend more money if you have more then one account, or a way to have your family get charged for playing your game, I hate the whole online pass thing, and I only buy new.

zinkabassy2652d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

I totally pissed,.. I really don't see any benefit from this shit as a consumer or a gamer,..

They shit about piracy and used game sales,.. which is BS,.. especially on PS3,.. Read some shit,.. almost no pirated new game apparently works,..
Like they don't understand that a lot of people trade-in their old shit to buy new games,.. So they can go fuck themselves,..

And now Sony started doing this shit,.. and that worries me like a motherfucker,.. Because they are the last glimer of hope in gaming,..

MS basically designed the whole online system to lock you into their fucking social system,.. The shit that goes on there,.. with total comercalization of games, their fucking services, adds,.. shit they do is appalling , at least make a fucking game once in a while...They are selling you as a human being an as consumer, to their 'partners'

I am seriously considering not getting any game that is forcing me into this shit,..(from EA to MK9) Even if it means not getting Resistance,.. (and that is really hard for me, because I love those games)

The whole industry is so damn corrupt,.. And they treat us like shit,.. It is incredible the eulas and shit we have to agree even with just running some games,..I am seriously starting to vote with my money,.. because most of these publishers don't have any appreciation for us gamers,.. It is us that sustain them,..fuckers, we consumers are the reason you even exist,.. not wall street and profits,..

If even Sony starts doing all this shit,.. We are seriously fucked,.. I am seriously starting to vote with my money,..

theonlylolking2651d ago


I am not supporting any game that requires a online pass.

If more people do like us then they will lose even more money.

Bereaver2651d ago

Can I tell you guys a secret? The only time that I've ever bought a used game is when it was a vintage classic that could no longer be bought locally.

Hate me or not, it's my opinion. I support the online pass. Because I simply hate the used game market. Games have been rising in costs over the years do to increasing cost of production.

Would you rather the starting fee be higher with added bonus to first time buyers? Or would you rather the starting fee be lower without bonus and having that passed on to the 2nd time buyers.

Yeah..... right..... it's not guaranteed that game prices will stop rising in prices. But I really don't see any other way around this.

If "good" developers made more money it could only mean a few things.... A)better quality B)more games of quality.

I'm sure this will come out wrong to many of your ears. But, I just wish for an honest market.

My final words.

Those who create, should receive.

lelo2play2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

I will not buy any game that has online pass. I suggest everyone do the same. That way they will get the message.

TBM2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

I understand peoples feeling on this matter and it sucks for them, but for me if there's a game I want because im really interested in it or a series I love (like resistance) I usually buy the game(s) new.

If I can't get the game right away I either wait for them to go on sale or buy them used.

Either way since I love the resistance series I will be buying the game day one its not like its going to be in all the games. I have more pressing matters to deal with in my everyday life then go all crazy over some online pass thingy.

M-Easy2652d ago

*In Jerry Seinfeld voice* "And whats the deal with airline food?" /voice.

Why choose PSN pass as the picture and not EA who invented the online pass? Oh that's right for hate hits.

NealCaffrey2652d ago

So people wont buy used games..

agentxk2652d ago

it is quite a Seinfeld like comment. Eh, it's something that the gaming populous needs to come to expect. Hopefully game companies at least include free trials for rentals.

M-Easy2652d ago

All online passes have had either 2 or 7 day free trials. Except right now I'm playing a rented NCAA 12 and it says I'm not eligible for an online pass. Weird.

agentxk2652d ago

That sucks, it is a good game too! Is it just not included?

silencedwriter2652d ago

I don't like that people who don't buy new gotta pay.

Minato-Namikaze2651d ago

If your not supporting the dev by buying used then why do they care? Your not giving them money any way.

Although I do hope they have the pass account level and it works with all the accounts on my 2 PS3's

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