VGRT Gaming Podcast 222: Gorilla Love

This week is a big episode, as it is chock full of surprising news this week, as well as some long, long reader mail. If that weren’t enough, we take a look back at the IntelliVision game Maze-a-Tron, deal with too much love for Paul, and the mystery that is the popularity of gorillas.

This week’s news includes:

• Electronic Arts buys Popcap Games
• Microsoft: Only Master Chief in Halo from now on
• PlayStation Vita dev costs closer to PSP
• Netflix takes aim at usage based billing
• Expert glitcher hired to clean up Modern Warfare 3′s multiplayer
• Skyrim ‘less confusing’, not ‘more accessible‘

There’s no Gaming History this week, but the Question of the Week is: “What old game do you most want to see remade?” There’s no contest behind it, but you can always take heart in the fact that your question was probably the most awesome.

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