SFX-360's Dead Block (XBLA) Review

Jay at SFX-360 says:

"Rock and Roll Music, is it fantastic, or an unholy sonata from the devil himself? In the game Deadblock, a 3rd Person Action/Tower Defense game from Candygun Games and Digital Reality. You’ll play as one of 3 survivors, which are trying to survive against waves of the undead that were resurrected with the power of Rock music. The game dropped Wednesday July 6th on XBLA (800 MSP), and PSN ($9.99).

The game is set in the 1950’s and every level is introduced by an announcer in the style of a classic horror show, such as Elvira, or Tales From the Crypt. You’ll take control of one of three characters, construction worker “Mike”, Boy Scout “Jack”, and meter maid “Foxy”. Each character has their own defenses, special weapon and strength."

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