Google & Apple: Do they have a place in video games?

MMGN writes: The times, they are a changin'! Video games are being played by more people now than ever before, thanks to the Wii and mobile gaming.

Now that a casual, broad audience has been introduced to the market, the video game industry is suddenly very appealing, and it's absolutely no surprise that industry figures believe Google and Apple will soon compete with the three big players in the console market: Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

But do Google and Apple have a place in the industry?

That's the question often posed by gamers, especially MMGN members. Gamers in general seem to be cautious of any entry by the companies, as current software and hardware offered by both arguably don't really appeal to the hardcore gamer.

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lazertroy2656d ago

Google does on the PS3 Web Browser. I want Chrome Now!

TurismoGTR2656d ago

Ohh Yea they do! Imagine if they doubled team!

koehler832655d ago

With the PS3's limited resources, Chrome would be the much better choice. I've run Chrome on some real dinosaurs and it always manages to get the content in front of you fast and efficiently. Firefox may (have the potential to) be the more feature complete browser, but it doesn't matter without the appropriate resources to take advantage.

Opera would also be a good choice in terms of resource requirement but it's a bit more cumbersome in execution compared to Chrome.

sphinct2655d ago

Both companies are very capable and ready to to contribute to gaming. Apple already makes millions off mobile gaming each month.

I believe that competition between the major players will lead to better games. The person that benefits? The typical gamer.

fluffydelusions2655d ago

I liked firefox when it was known as phoenix/firebird and that was WAY back when it originated on Linux. Today, Chrome is the best option IMO.

bozebo2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

Chrome is total junk, it tracks your web usage.

Also, the adblocker extension for it is bad - the firefox one blocks 99.9% of all adverts, including adverts in youtube videos etc.

And firefox wastes less of your browsing space than chrome does (by about 2 rows of pixels lol).

The only good thing about chrome is that when a plugin crashes, only the tab it was in suffers for it - in Firefox the whole browser crashes :(

Anyway, neither would be at all suitable for a console. They would need to program a custom variation and it is likely that chrome or firefox would be almost exactly the same once that requirement was fulfilled.

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jujubee882655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

There is a difference in having others create compelling content and catering to the social demographic and creating content compared to just creating the content yourself - this bit of philosophy is what separates Apple, Facebook, etc from the big three gaming companies.

ddkshah2655d ago

Sony needs to partner with google. Sony = hardware. Google = Software. 1 + 2 > 1

Sony needs marketing and google can provide. Sony needs a bigger competitor to xbox live (for the complainers, I <3 psn), google can help. Google can help with an os, and a new interface.

Apple can go suck my dick. They are too greedy and their highest peir imac sucks at gaming. So NOOOOO apple stay with mobile gaming thats it.

theonlylolking2655d ago

Your math might be far to complex for many people on N4G.

leahcim2655d ago

hhhahaahahahha good one

OpenGL2655d ago

Apple has no serious place in gaming aside from things like Angry Birds until they make a device with buttons.

fluffydelusions2655d ago

It would have one button :)

VampiricDragon2655d ago

The more companies the less each individual piece of hardware will sell. Thats a fact.

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The story is too old to be commented.