Sony Exec Calls PlayStation Network Hack 'A Great Experience'

SAN FRANCISCO—The president of Sony Network Entertainment called the four-week outage of the PlayStation Network a "great experience," he said Wednesday.

Moreover, he said that sales have been "better than ever".

Tim Schaaff, the president of Sony Network Entertainment sat down with VentureBeat executive editor Dylan Tweney on Wednesday for a wide-ranging chat at the MobileBeat conference here. Tweney asked Schaaff how Sony had recovered from the outage, which dominated headlines for weeks.

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egidem2653d ago

It's like they say;

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

MAJ0R2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

yup it could have been way worse, these hackers just helped them tighten their security for when a real hacker who knows what their doing tries to break in

gamingdroid2653d ago

Do people say the same thing about RROD?

DarkTower8052653d ago

@gamingdroid, Sony fixed the issue in 1 month. It took MS what 5 years to redesign the 360? Not a good comparison.

koh2653d ago

Right but no one had to worry about stolen information with RROD. Obviously apples to oranges, but I wouldn't classify either as "a great experience" from the user's standpoint.

GameOn2653d ago

I was affected by RRoD. Took them a week to sort it out for me, not 5 years or even a month.

tiffac2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

When MS Xbox Live was hacked (not in any grand scale unlike with Sony) it made their security and service stronger and Sony looks to follow in that foot step as they should. No one wants a repeat and be a victim of another cyber crime.

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zeal0us2653d ago

It wasn't a great experience for the psn users.

It was a experience for the industry. It showed that a big company isn't immune to hacking, but also brought about a security awareness to some companies/websites/etc.

Regardless, I'm just glad its over.

dkp232653d ago

Welcome to the spinzone!!

Probably good they experienced though. Lesson learned

Ricardoportillo042653d ago

wasn't there a similar post of the hack being more of an experience about a few weeks ago

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