Games Radar review Call of Duty 4

The two halves of CoD4 don't have much to do with each other, but together they make a ripe bunch of gaming fruit to munch on. If you have no interest in multiplayer whatsoever, the seven-hour singleplayer campaign here is good fun but a little lightweight, at least at full price. For everyone else, the singleplayer provides a torrent of wow-moments while the multiplayer has lasting appeal. In a spectacularly good winter for games, it's saying something that Games Radar still recommend splurging precious cash on this. Just don't go in expecting an experience quite as potent as the original.

You'll love:
* Spectacular solo moments
* Customizable multiplayer
* Modernized arsenal

You'll hate:

* Ambiguous context of the war
* Same ol' pop-and-shoot behind crates
* Short singleplayer campaign

Score: 9

(Identical PC and Xbox 360 reviews found at the same site)

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