Xbox Live vs Playstation Network, Who is Listening to the Gamers?

Gaming Irresponsibly writes: With the increasing popularity of post retail add-on content, mega addicting arcade hits, and extremely creative indie games, online marketplaces have become a wealth of downloadable content and material. Of course, when it comes to console competitors, the question always remains, “what can each console do for me?”. We will take a look at what each online super center has the best exclusives, the most content, the best classics, and what they have in store (pun intended) for the future of their respective shops.

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blitz0x2749d ago

This is actually a great topic... as long as it doesn't get turned into a flamewar. Remember guys, its not about who is better than who- nobody ever wins that war.

M-Easy2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

"as long as it doesn't get turned into a flamewar" lol the flamewar is in the title. That's like that's like putting your hand on a hot stove and saying "hope this don't burn."

Listen up fight fans tonight on N4G is PSN vs XBL is a bloody fight to the death.

In the red corner we have PSN a free service that gives more than it receives, it gets pounded by the press but keeps on punching. PSN's only loss was to a shifty fighter named A. Hacks who KO's PSN with its left hand while PSN was looking at its right.

In the blue corner we have the 2 generation seasoned XBL. XBL is older, wiser but more expensive. Has the money gone to its head. Like Mike Tyson in the 90s is XBL looking at the paycheck more than its opponent?

Are you ready? Are you ready? Well lets get ready to rummmmble!!!

agentxk2749d ago

Bubbles to you for awesomeness

blitz0x2749d ago

Lol. I think one of the best responses ive ever had on this website.

silencedwriter2749d ago

That was dope, not gonna lie.

air12749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )


Did you see that!! M$ sneaks in a skype punch while the ref wasn't looking before the bell!

It's war!


Should of put m$ at the red corner and Sony in the yellow.

MaxXAttaxX2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

- "PlayStation has a decent store with a few exclusives"

Really? I guess he hasn't spent much time on the PS Store. There are quite a bit of PSN exclusive content.

If you're going to make a fair comparison, don't make it seem so one-sided.
It speaks about XBL getting add-on content first for games like COD first. But nothing about PSN getting content first as well. Such as Scott Pilgrim vs The World. They both have their share of getting something first, including useless DLC.

Besides; Braid, Castle Crashers, Limbo all on PSN now as well.

He makes mention of PSone Classics but nothing about original PSN games.
For example, if you're going to mention XBL games like Geometry Wars, then mention PSN games like Super Stardust as well.

Mikeyy2749d ago


Dude, that was a very well said analogy!

sonicriderZG82748d ago

I lol'd, then I serious'd.
Beats the hell out of pay-per-view.

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Godmars2902749d ago

Except that it should be about who's listening to consumers with such applying doubly to MS, because they're not.

I mean you buy a 360 you have to get XBL to get Netflix and Hulu and then you have to get a BR drive in addition if you want higher quality movies than streaming.

meanwhile with a PS3 you can be an idiot and buy one, have a friend come over and does something with it that makes you say "Oh, i does that too?"

Nobody wins this war, but you have to admit because people don't do research is why we have casualties. Like the podcast guy who's always complaining about owning three BR players and wont touch a PS3 because of it.

SLLCKGT2749d ago

LOL!!! Every single friend and family member I know has a PS3, and yet nearly half don't know what its capable of. Most haven't even signed up to PSN. That "oh it does that too?" is a line I've heard too many times. Thought it was just me glad to know I'm not alone.

gamingdroid2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

I see... so MS isn't listening, because you have to pay. Yet Sony is, because it has all these hidden features many didn't know it existed?

Nice logic!

How about basing it on features gamers either asked for and got, or what features are being introduced and used a lot?

Godmars2902749d ago

I can't really base my point on gaming features gamers asked for, because for one I'm pretty certain that gamers didn't ask for Facebook. That out of all the years XBL has been on the 360 all gamers got was the eventual improvement in basic services, which came with a price increase. Meanwhile MS presented non-gaming features like the MST3K setup for Netflix. Other things to get non-gamers to pay for XBL.

Meanwhile there's Sony with missteps like A free streaming movie and old TV show site which wasn't accessible via the PS3's browser early on and was poorly advertised when it became available. Most people on N4G probably don't know about it.

Sony is likely dumb for not showing how they can be exploited, but MS just often tries to exploit because they can.

gamingdroid2749d ago

Your answer really wasn't an answer. It was more MS bashing than anything....

I will let people make up their own mind.

IdleLeeSiuLung2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

You are a MS hater.

Check out Godmars290's comment history which explains your 2 bubs:

Doesn't the same apply to XBLI titles?

At least Sony's spreading out the money and not spending twice the amount for one timed exclusive
[email protected]:
So is this just another instance of MS rebranding as an excuse to publicize it?
And yet with PSN you're not required to pay to use basic service much less access other paid services like Netflix.

And then there are things that about PSN that XBL has tried to emulate, the virtual arcade, which was implemented poorly.
Sorry, but when did MS ever have an actual way in the first place?

As far as I can tell they've only been about providing a gaming platform, for which FPS came to dominate mainly because of Halo. They started the Xbox 360 era by saying exclusives didn't matter then spending more for timed exclusive DLC than full games.

Their way is and has been getting you to buy their product.

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Persistantthug2749d ago

"The online play on Xbox Live is better in general, but I guess that is why we pay for it"

What makes XBOX LIVE's online game play better than PSN's online game play?

air12749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

That's the thing... It's not JUST gameplay IMO live is just, more a live?! Live always has something going on like break night playing this game event or play the devs etc. You just don't get much of that on psn, psn just seems dead kind of like online play cause most don't have mics.

But for psn being free and only not have cross game chat etc. Is not bad at all. Matter fact I recently went silver on live or whatever they call it now but I'm sure I will come back after gears 3. Netflix helped move me over to psn more now too, it sucks paying for both live and Netflix. But then again Im going to cancel Netflix for charging to stream movies. Now that they have a good demand they get fn greedy like everyone else! Like if they even have many great streaming movies anyway.

Mikeyy2749d ago

IDK dude, like 2 years ago maybe nobody had mics, but today I'm muting 3/4 of the players in Black ops matches, there are plenty of Mics.

and Almost everybody in the Uncharted 3 beta has mics.

That isnt it. But I like the question, Non of my Xbox friends can tell me exactly why live is better or why it warrents $60 a year. Nobody can answer the question.

M-Easy2749d ago

People are just used to saying Live is better but they never give a real answer of why. They say it has a better community but then they always brag about having party chat so they can mute everyone.???

one2thr2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

*Psn is free, it has more dedicated server based multiplayer games than the other online console services
*Psn also allows one's ps3 to become a dedicated server, for other gamers to play on with out the attention of the owner
*Psn also allow people to share there paid download content with up to 4 other Ps3's (excluding the owners ps3)
*Psn uses an actual currency system based on what region its customers are located
*Psn isn't region locked, thus for giving the Psn customer the ability to have multiple accounts that allow them access to foreign Psn content
*Psn gives its customers the option to join a premium service known as Playstation plus, that's given more content than what its actually worth, and apparently the Psn store will send its premium subscribers free games by random via their message box
*Psn has an ongoing private beta, that awards its customers special items (dlc) based on how many trophies they've gotten, and what types of trophies they obtained
*Psn offers free access to Playstation Home which is a social feature with 3D Avatars it also has tons of free/ buy-able content and also has free playable games within it (Playstation Home)
*Psn also allows remote access from a Ps3 to an owners Psp from any location in the world as long as there an internet connection via Remote Play
*Psn also allows Ps3 owners to lend some of their Ps3's proceesing power to Stanford University so that they can "Protein fold" which somehow helps them find possible cures for some cancers via an applicaton known as Folding @ Home, which can be found within the "Life with Playstation" program that's already pre-installed on every consumers Ps3
*Xbl forces its gamers to pay to use their very own bandwith to play online with or against other xbl customers
*Xbl has cross game chat, video mailing, and voice messaging
*Xbl live from of currency, is converted into a points system
*Xbl has early access to all dlc released for any Call of Duty game
*Xbl is made by a leading software company (random question: Did Xerox, sale the very first Windows os software to Microsoft? I remember somebody telling me that but I didn't belive them)
*Xbl has small, but quick system updates
*Xbl has Avatar's (Not like the movie "Avatar's" avatar's)
*Nintendo...... Has numbers, and Mii's
These are the facts, if you disagree with me then please state so. So that I can known what is currently going on within each and one of this online services
**If the grammar is unbearable, then blaim it on my ipod, for it sucks major!** P.s. I dislike apple os...... But not hate apple os

antz11042748d ago

I have both systems and personally I prefer XBL. This is not a troll answer, just my opinion. And here's why:

-First and foremost, I have a ton of friends on LIVE. This has nothing to do with the service but this is huge with the cross game chat, which is a great feature if you just want to be in a party with everyone one night.

- User friendly. Lets face it, its alot easier to navigate XBL than it is PSN. It looks nicer, I feel the store is easier to navigate, along with all the sections of apps, and even the quick screen which tells you what all your online friends are doing.

But hey, PSN works, and its free. Im just saying this is an area where they could model after xbl and make it more of an easily accessible social/ media interface.

Persistantthug2748d ago

But you didn't answer my specific question regarding GAMEPLAY.

How are the services different in terms of GAMPLAY....Not communication.

Do you happen to know, antz1104, because I truly would like to know and I think you might have insight and are qualified to answer.


Prototype2748d ago

I tried Xbox Live back in 2002, then again in 2008, then a final time in 2011 (Before the PSN outage) and from a "Gameplay" standpoint here's what I've noticed:

XBOX Live:
I have a 50 Mbps cable connection, and noticed I throttled at a certain bandwidth which really pissed me off because from what I've noticed it's based off the lowest common denominator - meaning everyone's on the same bandwidth regardless who's connection is faster or slower

I noticed also the input of certain button commands on certain non FPS games were slower at times which made a difference between winning/barely winning/losing a match. Same game on the PS3/PC it wasn't as big of a lag (there was some but not as significant)

Depending the game there's moments I found hardly anyone playing certain games I wanted to play with others - Mainly the following when I played in the 2008 time frame - Streets of Rage 2, TMNT Arcade, and very few playing Ultimate MK3 and Street Fighter 2 CE.

My biggest complaint was the big lag spikes from Gears of War 1 playing the 3rd stage against the Krill in that jeep

On my same 50 Mbps connection yes there is lag but its on the other persons end - not mine; unless they're using a lag switch or its some type of early beta build. I can keep a stable connection online and actually play without some type of throttle.

There's a big, diverse group of games my friends play (as of this posting I have 22 friends online and only 5 are playing the same thing) and rarely do I load up a game and someone else isn't playing it.

Input wise the only game I had troubles with was Tekken 5/6 and Mortal Kombat 2 online (mainly due to severe lag).

I know I'm probably gonna get hit with massive disagrees and/or flame but that's from my own personal experiences with both. I retired from live for the final time in 2011 with 0 intention of going back until they either make it free to play or have some type of major incentive to make it worth the $ to pay.

trenso12748d ago

@antz1104 i disagree user friendly? only if if you have you used on a daily basis. it more of a the more you use the better you know it kind of thing. because when i go on my friends xbox my head spins trying to find thing like old videos on the market place and what have you. but with the ps3 a system i use everyday i know exactly where to go and im never confused. it may look nicer but user friendly wouldnt be something i would say

antz11042747d ago

@ Persistant

You're welcome and sorry, I wasn't intending to dance around the question. In terms of what the gameplay is like, I think it comes down to what exclusives you want to play, and maybe even what most of your friends have. I've experienced lag, but its on both systems and depends on what games you play.


Lol, thats how I feel about PSN. But like you said it comes down to what you use a lot and what you're comfortable with/used to.

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silencedwriter2749d ago

It's always about who is better! But I will use them both regardless.

Merivigian2749d ago

Simply put I think it's neither. I've never seen either of them drastically or even non-drastically change a feature or add a feature because everybody wanted it.

agentxk2749d ago

The writer is right, xbla has the exclusives and psn has the classics

blumatt2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

If you look at this realistically, PSN has almost everything XBL has. It's not lacking but a couple things: Cross Game Chat and a Party System. And, if the PS Vita is any indication, both of those are coming in the near future. Then, one of these services is going to have some issues convincing people it's worth $60 a year. How can you pay for a service when the other one offers everything it does for free? That's the question.

montyburns0002749d ago

so you expect the entire XBL community to drop the 360, all their games and the established friends list just because PSN had cross game chat?

fucadastates2749d ago

the stil talking about Shadow and trails hd? .. wheres xbla big one.. where is its journey?

fucadastates2749d ago

Bastion - its coming to the pc... not exclusive is it?

TheDivine2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

shadow complex, trials, bastion, trenched, torchlight, crimson alliance, toy soldiers, geometry wars, defense grid i can go on and on. Xbl has twice the cataloug in arcde games and has geat indy games, compare ms indy games to minis, there is no comparison. Psn has some good exclusives like comet crash, sshd, wipeout but not as many. Xbl is faster, smooher, has more features, more channels, and a better community. Psn is fee which is a BIG plus. Those are all facts so which yu like more is up to you.

fucadastates2749d ago

TheDivine alot of old games. yeah.. wow..and whats with all the multiplatform titels..we were talking about exclusives here..
but a great list non the less

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seinfan2749d ago

I beg to differ. It's an overused joke.

ultrapepe2749d ago

Yes. Yes it does. I love you.

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