Worthplaying Review - 'Beyond Good & Evil HD'

There is one big problem with the controls that is sure to annoy many game players out there: the inability to invert a single axis. Beyond Good & Evil HD only allows you to invert both at the same time. It may sound like a minor issue, but for a gamer who's spent years playing with a normal X axis and an inverted Y axis, being forced to play with both normal or both inverted can induce nausea.

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BakedGoods2706d ago

Yes. Great game but they seriously overlooked the axis problem. It makes the game cumbersome to play for those who game inverted (ie. all the pros).

ryhanon2706d ago

Agreed. I never played this game when it first came out but I've been waiting for the HD remake for a while now to see what all the hubbub was about. When I finally got my hands on the demo I was so irritated by the lack of y-inversion that I couldn't even finish and won't be picking this up as a result.

I know it might sound a little shallow, but I know I'll have a hard time enjoying a game if I'm constantly fighting with the controls.

BakedGoods2706d ago

No kidding! You'd think they'd just spend the extra 20 minutes of coding to add that change. A 20-minute change that for many gamers affects their entire 10-15 hour+ experience.

Snowii2706d ago

the game was fine at the time and very original

when they said they were going to release an HD version i was excited because i wanned something new

played the demo and got dissapointed

graphics havent really changed boring gameplay

but thats just my opinion

sonicsidewinder2706d ago

It's in my steam list but just havn't tried it out.

I'm aware of it's legacy and can't wait for that day when i'll say to myself,

"It is time..."

I'll then play Beyond Good and Evil, and hopefully love it.