CVG - Red Faction: Armageddon Review

CVG - A big budget entry in a strong series, this is a seriously misguided change of direction. If you're a destruction-loving agoraphobic with a penchant for identikit aliens, you just might enjoy yourself. But everyone else will only appreciate it for the irony - all Armageddon does for Red Faction is smash it to bits.

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schlanz2657d ago


They should have made this game like Guerrilla.

femshep2657d ago

the game is totally awesome fixes a lot of what went wrong with guerrilla, the open world detracted from the story imo

and this one they bring back enemies we haven't seen since the first RF

Tachyon_Nova2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

This review is a joke right?

Firstly the score, apparently you'll only have fun for one or to moments but that translates to a 55% mark?

Secondly, the weapons are really powerful if you use the right ones, only the biggest heavies take too long to take down imo. For example, your average alien (human size) takes 1 to 2 shotgun blasts to take down at medium range, how is that too long?

Thirdly, since when does the color palette give an indication of whether you are at the start or end of a game?

Fourthly, "the weapons are just slightly tweaked versions of each other" is a downright lie. The weapon diversity here is better than any game other than Ratchet & Clank. You have your standard shotgun, assault rifle, dual pistols etc, but then you get things like magnet guns, singularity cannons, guns that vaporise anything they touch, explosive charge launchers, a welder, weapons which dissolve enemies over time, and of course a gauss rifle.

Fifthly, sure the sound isnt battlefield quality, but it is nowhere near was bad as they make it out to be. Crank up the bass with surround sound and the crashing down of a building sounds just fine to me.

Poor review all round. You can tell the reviewer went into the game with a negative attitude and couldnt be arsed writing a proper in depth review. So much stuff worth mentioning has been left out, makes me wonder whether he played past the first few levels.