Free Mass Effect comics cripple Dark Horse store

The Dark Horse online comic store is currently crumbling under the pressure that accompanies releasing two graphic novels-worth of Mass Effect digital comics for free.

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BlackjackCF2655d ago

That's really their own fault. They know how many Mass Effect fans are out there. If they're going to announce something like this, they should have the capacities to handle the traffic.

The Matrix2655d ago

Exactly. I've been trying for the last 24 hours to get on the site but it just won't load.

dragunrising2655d ago

I was able to make an account and read a few pages of the first comic in the series however I was unable to "purchase" anything. Kinda bummed

RockmanII72655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

Honestly, I'm far more likely to pirate this now because of this. If they say "Oh yea, free comics" then they can't hold up on their end of the deal by having their site work, then why should I have to buy something that I should have gotten for free?

Also, a part of me thinks they planned to make their site unworkable so they wouldn't give comics away. Think about it, you announce free comics in order to get peoples interest then you don't give any out. I say this because I also tried going to the site at 4am and it still didn't work, but now it works fine and I really doubt that there were enough people trying to load the site for it to crash at 4 in the morning.