Xbox Live TV Won't Compete with Cable Companies

Xbox Live has become much more than an online gaming service, providing music, movies, videos, services like Netflix and Hulu, social networking through Facebook and more. Microsoft continues to grow its network, and for some time, the thinking was that Microsoft would attempt to challenge cable and satellite companies by offering a similar TV service. Back at E3, Microsoft unveiled Xbox Live TV and it's clear that, at least initially, Microsoft won't be fighting cable companies whatsoever

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donniebaseball2657d ago

Well maybe not now, but eventually I see these things converging. Apple will eventually be a challenger to cable too.

2657d ago
Mr Blings2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

How about you focus on GAMES Microsoft. The ESPN partnership on paper sounds great but many people as well as myself can not utilize it because although my slow ass broadband is through Time Warner (an affiliated ISP for the ESPN service) my TV is through Directv. Time Warner does not allow me to view ESPN content through Xbox since I do not pay them for cable along with their expensive slow ass internet. Xbox live and its ongoing services is all fine and dandy but I could give a rats ass about facebook, twitter etc on Xbox and now Netflix is going to raise my bill some 60% to stream Mash and other sh*tty ass selection they have....Basically what I'm rambling on about is the fact I use very very little in terms of Xbox live services. I want to use Xbox live to is a game machine right??? How about a year with more than 3 exclusives other then wave your arms around Kinect shovel ware. I bought all three consoles this past gen. Games to me are getting very stale with all this service based sh*t. I'm not throwing money to all players next go around. Not sure if I'll even buy more then one system in all honesty. I used to consider Xbox the brand for the hardcore...oh how things have changed. At this point it will most likely be a ps4 and Nintendo under the TV.....So PLEASE Microsoft keep partnering away. The only time services should be added to Live are when they can be accessed by all Gold members, not just a % of your members. These partnerships really in all honesty make your experience on Live better how exactly?

Jazz41082657d ago

Espn work for me but its stil easier for me to use my on demand through cox cable. Ms will not compete if they just use existing cable companies in your area to provide the deal. The only way they can compete is if they want to put out there own satellites and bring in the programming and negotiate deals with the networks independently and then offering a affordable alternative in the way of pakages. I just don't see them doing this. They will take the quick way out and try to make a quick buck.