A Case Example in Gaming Narrative: The Darkness

GP blogger, Standard Minion writes, "The Darkness was an incredibly memorable game, for me, on account of a very distinct reason. Although it had some fun gameplay, it certainly wasn’t anything particularly noteworthy. A combination of genuine voice acting and several powerful scenes is what did it for me. At a point in the game, you’re forced to watch, in first person view, as the protagonist’s girlfriend, Jenny, is shot in the head at point blank. It’s a long, suspenseful scene, too, with all of the typical drawing out that one would anticipate leads up to a deus ex machina. Really, it's got all of the trappings of a scene you think you've watched plenty of times before. Except nothing disturbs Jenny's fate, and no one saves her. The player, as Jackie, can only watch as she is murdered."

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