In-game calendar system for Starhawk detailed

LightBox Interactive Dylan Jobe provides a few details regarding the in-game calendar system for the upcoming third-person shooter/vehicular combat Playstation 3 game, Starhawk.

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Nitrowolf22656d ago

I hope this works like it sounds like it does and if so then more games need these kind of things. Clan system should be better incorporated in games and having a in-game calender to set up dates and such would be great.

sinncross2656d ago

Definitely sounds like a good idea. I hope more games adopt the system (or maybe can include an overall PSN calender system for use with PSN, including info on double XP weekends for games, and stuff similar to this).

Soemthing liek thsi would be great for GT5!
Cant wait for Starhawk!

JoGam2655d ago

This is a great idea. Socom Confrontation has a calender where you can schedule clan matches and torneys. It is a fantastic feature.

showtimefolks2655d ago

i am glad they have added single player to get new players like me familiar to the controls and how everything works in games world