Diablo 3 Might Add Respeccing Mechanic

New information about Diablo's respeccing mechanics and Demon Hunter's resource system

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LightofDarkness2651d ago

Good, I would have liked such a system in Diablo II.

thor2651d ago

There is :)
You can respec since the update last year I think. You get a free respec with the den of evil quest, or you can collect 3 items from various bosses (I think the countess, summoner and 1 other) and transmute them to get a respec.

LightofDarkness2651d ago

I should fire up DII again, then. It's been years :P

RedSky2651d ago

It's already been confirmed that there will be a respec system. The post refers to information being provided about what exactly it is.

thrasherv32651d ago

The article also suggests that D2 did NOT have a respec system, which is untrue.