Don’t be quick to blame EA on the redirection mishap

Rivalries have been around since the beginning of time. Whether it is the story of Cain and Able, the tension between Sonic and Shadow, the commotion between team Edward and team Jacob, the wizardly enmity between Harry and Voldemort, or the ongoing battle amid Microsoft and Sony, opposition amongst sides has fueled not only emotions, but, more importantly, sales. Could it be the cheap jabs, or the close finishes that grab the eyes of millions of onlookers? The Battlefield franchise and the Call of Duty franchise rivalry have, until recently, been dominated by the Activision. EA, the maker of Battlefield, has now become a very strong threat to the popular Call of Duty franchise.

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BeastlyRig2652d ago

Battlefield 3 article without pc tags? It is a sin...

T3MPL3TON 2652d ago

That's because most of the hoopla has been over the consoles. Face it man, we get a lotta support but nobody cares about PC gamers, the pc version is just a hangers on as far as most are concerned they already know it's gonna look great and play the best on PC so they just push it to the side to fight over whether it looks good on the consoles or not.. or which console has the best version. It's not about "hay check this out on the PC" it's "we still made it look good on the console" or "we're gonna dominate the console market with game a because game b is blah bla blah."

Kee2652d ago

Meh, whatever. It's not like people just guess web addresses anyway. We'd never know about this if it didn't come up in the news.

It's kind of the equivalent of a rick roll you could pull on someone.

sonicsidewinder2652d ago

Typing what you wanna find into the url like that is so Primary School it's funny. Makes me feel old.

Inside_out2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

Who searches COD or MW3...O_o...NOBODY, it's the biggest release of the year and the information is front and center.

In regards to the article comparing Battlefield and COD...the only reason Battlefield is even mentioned in the same breath as COD is because EA is launching their wannabe at the same time, well, they were going to but have since ran off to hide ( camp ) much like their fan base gaming on line, in October move.

COD IS the top game, there is no doubt about that. Battlefield sells about half what COD commands so Ea-Dice, being the fraudsters that they are, are now trying to get COD sales by association.

People say Activision is milking the game or killing the franchise but launching ONE game a year in November...0_o...THAT is not the problem, it's garbage companies and devs like Ea-Dice launching the same game at the same time that is destroying the market. The same thing happened to Guitar hero with the industry, not Activision, destroying that billion dollar demographic by launching the same or similar games at the same time.

Anytime you have a good thing, the parasites come out to feed on the scraps...that is what Ea-Dice is doing right now but it's OK because it's EA-Dice...what a joke.

THIS IS ALL ABOUT MONEY. Activision and the COD franchise attracts a lot of investment every year because it delivers a great game that people want. Ea-Dice is trying to get that money. They could of launched at any time but the big money is on Activision so Ea-Dice, like some sort gaming groupie, spends all their time chasing the top franchises. They do this all the time. Shift/Forza, GOW/Dante's Inferno, NFS/GT, MOH/COD, UFC/MMA, Battlewannabe/COD...etc...Busi ness as usual I guess.