An Idea For The Future: PlayStation Fighters

GxC Writes: "Something amazing happened 12 years ago. An unlikely yet revolutionary game was created – A game that would sweep the world... in 1999, Nintendo introduced to the world ...Super Smash Bros."

What if another big gaming company used the same idea for their own franchises? What if, there was a PlayStation Fighters game?

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ThatMiamiGuy2652d ago

If it looked good enough, I would play for sure!

ginsunuva2652d ago

It also needs Kevin Butler in it.

In fact, there's a very popular lbp2 level called Sony vs Marvel vs Capcom. It has all the sony characters. Heck, they even have kevin butler in it.

spektical2652d ago


it works for nintendo, because they have a lot of diverse characters that go about an adventure in unique ways.

for example the disparity between R&C, J&D, and sly wouldnt be much honestly.

kratos is unique... but it becomes complicated in bringing in human characters.. sure snake worked well, but can you imagine drake working well in this game?

i honestly dont think there is a diverse universe for sony to grab unique characters from..

newn4gguy2652d ago

Twisted Metal?
Ape Escape?
Syphon Filter?
Jak & Daxter?
Heavy Rain?
God of War?
Heavenly Sword?
Little Big Planet?
3D Dot Game Heroes?
Ratchet & Clank?

Maybe even bring back Spyro and Crash?

BiggCMan2652d ago

Spektical just got owned! Yea I definitely agree with newn4gguy, I think there could be a cool game with all those characters. I mean not every single one fits, like the Heavy Rain characters, but I think it could be done.

spektical2652d ago

human characters... >.>

and i didnt mention crash or spyro, because of 3rd party issues.

newn4gguy2652d ago

Human characters can't work in a fighter?

Street Fighter?
Mortal Kombat?

Pretty much EVERY fighter except Super Smash Bros.?

Cajun Chicken2652d ago

I still have no idea how they could mess up a game with Ratchet, Jak and mess it up bigtime. But they did.

Quagmire2651d ago

It was stupid move mini games, thats why. had they actually crafted the game arounf the characters and their gameplay, rather than Move, it mightve turned out better.

newn4gguy2652d ago mean the same idea we've all had for YEARS!?!?!?!

Honestly, it would be much better if they imitated Power Stone and not Super Smash Bros. That gives us more variety and plays to each game's mechanics. a Kingdom Hearts-like game in the various PlayStation universes too much to ask? Everyone would love it!

Fire17922652d ago

I don't know, Nintendo started off something huge when they released the first Super Smash game and I was hooked on it as soon as I was handed the controller. As for PlayStation doing it, I'm not sure know I don't have a good reason to this I just have a feeling that it wouldn't be all that great....