COD4 Xbox 360 vs PS3 Comparison Pics

With Call of Duty 4 just hours away for both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, many people are curious to see which version has the edge. Here are some comparison pictures taken from

Both look great, but which one has the edge? You decide.

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Violater4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

validation of your beliefs

Fact is none of these are comparable and the game is great on both consoles.

jiggyjay4092d ago

Screen shots don't mean crap! I wonder which one has better frame rates and better online MP!

Danny Dan4092d ago

I hate most of these screen shot comparisons.. I would only like them if there were exactly the same shot or almost the same shot on both systems...

BUT I would rather see comparisons on some good old HD Video from good old gametrailers :)

Omegasyde4092d ago

Violator you are right these pics aren't even taken in the same spots

This is retarded and I have a feeling this was set up to make Sony fanboys look like idiots.

Evil0Angel4092d ago Show
harv0524092d ago

See, I'm a Playstation fan (not a fanboy, notice the difference thank you) and I still think this comparison is stupid, not even the same f*cking shots...

HeartlesskizZ4092d ago

lOl do you guys see the name of the site? ill wait for a gameradars or ign comparison. much better then this madness =)

bloodzombie774092d ago

I can see why Evil0Angel has 1 bubble. Dude, you're a douchebag, and a fanboy, so go f*ck yourself.

As for all the douchebag fanboys on both sides, why don't all of you go stroke your c0cks for your respective system and let the rest of us have decent FANBOY-LESS conversations.

WafflesID4092d ago

I'd like to see both running side by side ONLY so I would know whether to buy it for my 360 or buy it for my PS3.

Screw the fanboys who use stuff like this for ammo in their flamefests.

JsonHenry4092d ago

All of the other websites say that the 360 version has a slight edge on the PS3 version, while the PC version blows the other two away in visuals.

After seeing the screen shots, I can say that if the 360 does have an edge, it is not going to be one that most people would ever notice.

Jeromejones4091d ago

copied the images and run both format ones through a resolution upscaling program and then altered the contrast on both images and zoomed 12X. Everything is almost identical except for the normal mapped texture of one of the stones, which one the Ps3 version has 5 more grains in the texture. The 360 had 128 such grains which i individually counted in the stone texture while the ps3 had 142. therefore if you work this out as a percentage, 128/142 *100 = 90.41. Therefore the ps3 is 10% better visually in the texture department.

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Bonsai12144092d ago

the guy could have at least taken at the same point in the game..

gamesR4fun4092d ago

ya wth at least show the same point...
still gonna have to wait for some better comparisons that and we need some feedback on the online and actual gameplay. Hopefully form a more reliable source has well lol.
btw seen the blue tinge on other xbox screen shot is it gonna be in the retail too?

mesh14092d ago

those were the worst 360 shots they cud get and it even looks better than the ps3 version amazing

InMyOpinion4092d ago

I bet the 360 pics are from some early beta phootage. It's ridicolous that "news" from extremely biased sites like this gets approved. You Sony fanboys just end up hurting your beloved brands credibility even more.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D ! (look, I have to write like that so the fanboys can read it. Easy-to-read lol!)

WilliamRLBaker4092d ago

its SPG one of the worst biased and spin facts, and outright lieing site on the net.

The_Engineer4092d ago

SPG was EXPOSED as being owned by an xbox site. Joystik I think.

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sonarus4092d ago

damn i hope dats biased cus the difference is a lot more than i expected.

macsto4092d ago

It would help if the images were taken side by side on the same locations, but a good comparison none the less. It seems both shots were taken off screen too.

wil4hire4092d ago

These aren't even comparable... and they are both off of a screen.

They both look great, except the ps3 looks better.

jaja14344092d ago

You were doing so great till you had to throw in "except the ps3 looks better." I mean, so so close to making an intelligent non-fanboy post.
Maybe next time. :)