Resistance 3 - Stalker Battle Gameplay

The shielded walking battle tank raises hell for the Resistance in the deserted mid-western town during Resistance 3's campaign.

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TheOldOne2680d ago

I remember the first Stalker battle from R1, that was pretty epic. R3 awesome graphics but I dunno the Stalker seem much less powerful and intimidating than in Resistance 1.

JoGam2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Looks great. Day one for sure. Feel bad for all the people boycotting Resistance 3 over the PSN Pass. Missing out on a great game.

user83971442679d ago

Boycott on R3? what? that's the 1st time I have heard of a boycott on R3 since everyone seems pretty pump about it including me.

TurismoGTR2679d ago

R3 is going to pwn! looks good, feels like a MAYHEM WAR!

badz1492679d ago

you must have been away during the confirmation of PSN Pass by Sony last week.

sphinct2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Day 1 for me as well. I don't agree with play pass, But insomniac already said That they have no choice. Sony is making them do the play pass. I love the series, and Insomniac, too much to skip what is looking to be the best in the series.

Considering I am already planning on getting the title brand new, play pass doesn't really change anything for me in regards to this title.

In the future it may...

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killerhog2679d ago

all the bosses/chemiras looked daunting in R1 than r2 and r3. r1 had a more grimy, darkish feel

blackburn102679d ago

I think that is because the first Stalker required you too get behind it to destroy it and that made it more difficult to destroy with it turning it's turret in every direction . But since R2 you can basically just fire at it from any angle and destroy it. But i have to admit this one seems a lot faster. I think that may be it's strength this time

@ an0nym0us that makes no sense. What do you do you run out of magnums or you don't have any? That's like saying 'this enemy is easy to beat as long as I have rocket launcher ammo'. But what do you do if you don't?

theonlylolking2679d ago

In Resistance 1 the chimera used there grade A mech that had no problems but since humans are almost eradicated, they can use there not so grade A mechs that would not have actually seen battle because they had design problems

MidnytRain2679d ago

It may seem less intimidating than in R1 because the first time you meet a Stalker, you have no ranged explosives. You had to get behind it and you had little cover.

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GoldPS32679d ago

That'a some awesome game play.

Sc0pe922679d ago

looks great! i dunno what ppl were talking about when graphics were not an improvement from R2. they do realize this game is months away from release and more polishing is being done. cant wait to play it :)

user83971442679d ago

Graphics looks pretty badass, it might even compete with the big boys. I cant wait!

kaveti66162679d ago

What do you mean? Looks much better than Reach and the Resistance series sells better than Killzone.

an0nym0us2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

No one ever talks about gameplay on here? Didn't watch video because judging from you guys comments, all you do is shoot at it till it dies. Which is kinda lame.

I'm still scratching my head over this game. Why is it not a survival horror... and i was right you shoot at it till it dies, who needs machine guns, armor, and missiles when you have a magnum.

badz1492679d ago

"all you do is shoot at it till it dies. Which is kinda lame."

isn't all games the same with this? what do you want? babysit it and then put it to sleep and after that put a bullet in its head? seriously dude, you have trolling issues!

an0nym0us2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Badz149 are you retarded? Do i have to explain it to you? Dude in the video used a magnum and a rifle against a mech/tank whatever it is, but i`m pretty sure it's bullet proof. Do tanks explode when you shoot it... no, that's what heavy explosives are for.

How about sneaking past the mech since obviously they were under equipped, or at least try to outrun it. That mech/tank had a shield for crying out loud.

badz1492678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

Looks like u haven't play that many games, are you? Resistance is a sci-fi fps and the magnum in Resistance always has a secondary bulet which explodes. It is shown early on even in this video when he was dealing with the hybrids. Doesn't make sense, right? Well, it doesn't have to.

Even in a Battlefield game, which deemed to be realistic, you shoot a tank enough time with a pistol, it will explode. Dude, it happens in games. I am kinda confused to be called retarded by someone who seek for realism in a sci-fi game!

Miiikeyyy2679d ago

You've clearly never played Resistance before, The magnum has explosive rounds. You shoot a few rounds into the mech then you blow them up! Can't you see him doing that in the video?

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