Gears of War (PC) Reviewed by GameSpot

Gamespot: The PC version of Gears of War is everything the 360 version was and more.

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soegong4092d ago

I'm torn between playing with cheaper console but sucking really bad in getting head shots, or paying $500+ for just a video card for my PC for playability....

macsto4092d ago

9.0 is the score for the lazy.

Xbox 360 recieved 9.6 I believe.

Evil0Angel4092d ago

first all the game that made me buy 360 are/willbe availabe in PC.
we said no problem microsoft it is ok.

than we pay 40£ ayear for multi-player , way infrior to the free one PC gamers get.we said no problem MS,we will take that

now, the biggest hit in 360(GoW) get exculsive content in PC that will not be availabe in 360...FU*K you M$

SacT0wnF1n3st4092d ago

They say that this version, the PC version, is a lot better than the 360 version. It looks a whole lot better and has more contents and yet they gave it a 9.
Oh well, what do I expect? A bunch of retards review games.

blacsheep4092d ago

proving what all true gamers know, they declare pc version is better but give it a lower score than the xbox360 version,gamezit dont know there a$$ from their toes!
gamezit should really be pulled of the net they are a bunch of retarded jokes who make gaming look bad

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