From Console to Game Wars - The Never-Ending Story

GxC Writes: "Gamers are no stranger to debates. The biggest one of all? We have heard it time and time again, “which console is the best?” This debate isn’t exactly new to this generation, however now with the information technology explosion, it seems it has gone to a whole new level. But it’s not just consoles and their exclusives that are debated, no, even games, multi-platform ones, are as well. But one may ask, why? What makes a gamer feel that they are obligated to take up exclusive loyalties with a specific name? Does it do any good?"

In a year with so many top notch titles on a variety of systems, is it about time to lay down the arms of this fanboy war?

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ThatMiamiGuy2652d ago

Ah, The Neverending Story. Memories.

Yeah, console wars will go on forever too. Oh well. Fanboys will be fanboys.

rabidpancakeburglar2652d ago

A magical childhood film.

I agree with you, I also think that even if eventually there was only one platform that there would be a lot of nostalgia fanboys.

ThatMiamiGuy2652d ago

I'm actually interested in the reboot of the film. Ha!

Back on topic though, yeah, even if there was one console the wars would still go on somehow. They would find something!