Incredible Price Drop for Red Dead Redemption

This game deserves to be in your gaming collection, even more so at this price from Wal-Mart.

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trainsinrdr2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz put trains in the mp.

lochdoun2743d ago

Wait for the Complete Edition with all the DLC included. (You know it's coming eventually.)

newn4gguy2743d ago

If you live in the Indiana/Illinois area...I highly recommend finding a Disc Replay and buying it there. When a game goes down to $19.99 new...we sell it for $12.99 opposed to the $17.99 used you might see at another store. ;)

solidsnake2222743d ago

I love Disc Replay, too bad so few people live in IL and IN compared to the other states :(

Mikeyy2743d ago

Heh, Im from Northeast Ohio, and I was just in Indiana this past weekend, for my girlfriends Company cookout.

It was my first time there. I Stayed at the Hampton Inn, in Warsaw, Indiana. We really couldnt find much to do besides eat at restaurans, (warsaw is kinda in the middle of nowhere) But We did Ride the Dixie!! You could tell we where the only people taking there first ride, because everybody else sat on the left side, and we sat on the right, LMAO.

Was a fun trip.

newn4gguy2743d ago

Lol. That's awesome, man! I'm over in Illinois. I've never ridden the Dixie though. For someone who road trips as much as I's rather strange that I haven't. :) I hope you had a lot of fun though! Indiana CAN actually be entertaining...

Mikeyy2742d ago

Heh, its only $7 bux a person. You buy the tickets at the window at the pizza shop. LOL.

YodaCracker2743d ago

This is great for anyone who hasn't played RDR yet...

Who hasn't played RDR yet?!?!

Shinuz2743d ago

Me because it wasn't released for pc, even though i have an xbox360 i waited to see if they would announce it for pc.
Glad i did the same thing with L.A Noir, seeing as they're releasing it on pc this fall.

jagstatboy2742d ago

I haven't but I plan to buy the GOTY edition one day if they make one. I just haven't had the time, still trying to finish a lot of other games.

Parapraxis2743d ago

It goes on sale here in Nova Scotia on the 15th as well.
Played it through (borrowed) on 360 , but I may pick it up for PS3.

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