IncGamers: Back to the Future: The Game - Full Season Review

Back to the Future: The Game serves as a fine alternative to a genuine fourth film, but the dialogue interjections and simple puzzle sequences between cut-scenes don't really justify the 'Game' subheading.

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chaolankennedy2706d ago

So you want the NES Back to the Future games back?

Arthas2706d ago

lol I feel like that game wasnt very good. It's been like 20+ years so I dont remember that well

sam22362706d ago

I'd rather have that then a shitty QTE fest disguised as a game.

Arthas2706d ago

No love for the hater.

Arthas2706d ago

True enough. I bought this and while its not much of a game, its a fun experience none the less. Its on sale now for 10$ and its well worth it if you liked Bttf the movies, or are a trophy whore like myself.

chaolankennedy2706d ago

It's for fans of the movies. Compare it more to a Dragons Lair sort of adventure.

The type of fan service and work put together by the people that helped produce the movies themselves is more than enough to satiate any fan of the series.

Vortex3D2706d ago

How long does it take to complete each episode on average? I played the demo but it was too short. I assume there's no replay value as it's a linear adventure game style.

Infernostew2706d ago

Like most Telltale games it probably takes on average 1-3 hours per episode. Maybe take longer or shorter depending on how good your are at the puzzles.

Pintheshadows2705d ago

5 out of 10. I'm a big fan of the films so up to episode 4 this is an 8 for me.