Treyarch Hopes To 'Pioneer' Call Of Duty Franchise

NowGamer: Activision studios Raven and Treyarch have posted vacancies for positions that hint at new Call of Duty projects.

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TimmyShire2746d ago

I don't think Call Of Duty could be classed as the 'pioneer' of anything these days...

a_squirrel2746d ago

If by pioneer, they mean milking, then they've accomplished that.

Active Reload2746d ago

Sounds like COD ran over someone's poodle, lol.

red2tango2746d ago

The only thing I liked about COD was the Game Winning kill. It brought out some good emotions some times. Other than that, it hasn't been a pioneer.

skyward2746d ago

Treyarch proved itself worthy with Black Ops - think there will be a love-in for IW/Sledgehammer Games when MW3 hits though

FlashXIII2746d ago

I agree with this strangely.. I HATED world at war with passion thought it was pure garbage but Treyarch done themselves proud with Black Ops. You either love call of duty or hate it but for those who loved it, Treyarch done a great job refining MW2.

trenso12746d ago

I have to disagree with the both of you world at war was OK at best i still found it terribly boring the maps could have been used way better than they were and could have had at least 32 players in some of those maps. And black ops?!? Is putrid before i played that i only looked at with some disdain now its with blinding hate. I honestly feel treyarch shouldnt make any cods and should just do post-launch support sinve they keep the game updated regularly. But then again if mw3 doesnt sit right with me i will stop with cod all together since mw3 is their last chance with me. So i guess treyarch can continue to make their crap games since i most likely wont be buying this any more i gave cod their chance resistance 3 bf3 or anyother games is looking pretty good right now

Disccordia2746d ago

I never played the multiplayer in either but I felt the single player campaigns in WaW and BO were really very good and IMO superior to all but CoD2.

MRHARDON2746d ago

I hate Treyarch, all they do is copy Infinity Ward, like look at COD4, Treyach then created [email protected] that looks like COD4.

Now MW2 comes out, Treyarch then creates Black Ops that looks like MW2.

f7897902746d ago

Ummm....... how should they look? Different? Then it wouldn't be COD.

Disccordia2746d ago

Well their games look like IWs games because they all share the same engine. I actually disagree though, I think IW design better maps but that's just me.

a_squirrel2746d ago

That I can agree on. Personally, I still think they screwed up with MW2

Pro_TactX2746d ago

Treyarch did bring many great features to the Call of Duty franchise actually.

Custom playercards
Theatre mode
Currency system
Wager matches
Custom Red (or other color) dot sights
Co-op zombie mode (although I prefer the co-op Spec Ops found in MW2)

MRHARDON2743d ago

But the least they can do is change the hud. Not make it look like MW2 or COD4.

xVeZx2746d ago

treyarch sucks...i lol at all the sheep that were like omg treyarch is awesome after the "failure" that was mw2...

f7897902746d ago

Infinity Ward made mw2....

Fishy Fingers2746d ago

LOL... Whos the "failure"?

xVeZx2746d ago

i meant that everybody ran to treyarch because mw2 was bad apparently

HardCover2746d ago

So how does that make them sheep?

If you're sticking to IW just because they USED to be good, then you're a sheep.

If you're judging developers game by game, you're a sensible and reasonable human being.

theonlylolking2746d ago

MW2 only had a few problems that most people hoped that treyarch could fix...sadly they did not and they added new ones.

evrfighter2746d ago

Treyarch makes some really shitty maps. It's sad that their small map is their most popular one.

TheCampfireSong2746d ago

How about they start with adding dedicated servers on the consoles..that would be a start.

Ducky2746d ago

That's mostly up to the publisher I think.

That, and dedicated servers aren't that practical for a game that has a userbase in the millions.

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