Dishonored: Why You Should Be Looking Forward To It

GB: "I think the unnecessary hype that surrounds nearly every gaming release is one of the true evils of our industry. At the risk of perpetuating this ill practice, I hope to turn people's attention to the recently announced Dishonored. Whilst most games don't need any more hype, Dishonored seems to have gone under the radar for a fair few people. If you haven't taken the time to check out Dishonored, there are a variety of reasons that you should be keeping your eye on it."

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Valay2680d ago

This game should be getting more attention!

Pintheshadows2680d ago

I posted the first screenshot yesterday but everyone was to busy discussing which military shooter would be better. I could literally feel the gaming landscape being held back.

gameseveryday2680d ago

Its a big shame really. Normally games from Bethesda garner hype. Dishonored seems to hype at all.

jbiz3302680d ago

its hard to be hyped off of screenshots only.. Kind like Prey 2 before the trailer. Once everyone saw gameplay people went batshit.