Vivid Gamer Review: The Tiny Bang Story

Indie games should never take a backseat within the gaming community. Indie game developers put a lot of hard work and heart into creating some things we, as players, have never seen before, or the developers have simply created a good, fun game that appeals to many. This is what Colibri Games has done with their first title, The Tiny Bang Story.

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theherp802654d ago

Love the art style, might have to give this one a shot.

rrquinta2654d ago

This game really is beautiful and the music is very relaxing. I love how you have to gather the puzzle pieces and reassemble the world in order to continue to the next level. I just don't enjoy seek-and-find very much, even if it is well integrated into the gameplay (which I appreciate) like TBS does.

TheLiztress2654d ago

I love how it looks. Tempted to look into getting it.

Jamesmanguyperson2654d ago

Would love to see this ported to iOS.

Astrella2653d ago

Oooh that's an interesting idea. It completely lends itself to that iOS/casual gaming.