Sony Hints At Day One Limbo Discount On PSN

Nowgamer - Former Xbox 360-exclusive indie title Limbo will be discounted for PSN Plus users at launch according to Sony.

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Focker4202656d ago

Should be, its a year old.

opoikl2656d ago

Games like Limbo will never show signs of age..

firelogic2656d ago

I don't get this "argument" at all. So what if it came out a year ago? It's the first time it's available to PS3 users who don't have access to a 360.

If MGS4 were to appear on the 360, you'd better damn well be sure that it's going to cost you $60.

Crazyglues2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Yeah but this is the EU store, what about PSN U.S. are we getting any discount..? Most likely not.. Why the hell does Sony do this..

Some Regions get discounts and others don't, it's really stupid, should just be worldwide .. Come on' what the hell.. enough is enough already, it's time these companies understand that the gamers should come first..

I Think we should make a statement with this game and all buy this game day-one to show support to Sony and the PSN network and gaming

It's time to show Sony the Power Of the Gamers..

-think I'm going to go make a post in the forums..

Day-One Limbo Buy - Power to the Gamers...


Szarky2656d ago

Day 1. Will be disappointed if it isn't discounted for PS+.

despair2656d ago

so will I but I'll still be getting it probably.

FAGOL2656d ago

Exactly what I was hoping for. Definately getting this now.

consolez_FTW2656d ago

yeah, it would suck if the discount is PS+ only ( considering my free PS+ just ran out) but I will still get it regardless.

Kewl_Kat2656d ago

i think non-members would still get a discount, and the plus members would get a slightly bigger discount ... kinda like what they're doing with their summer sale right now =]

bebojet2656d ago

I'm a PS+ member and I hope we get it for FREE.

Kewl_Kat2656d ago

@bebojet i'd rather they have it on discount so i could buy and own it, if they offer it for free then i only get to play it for a year =]

tdrules2656d ago

people who won't buy it unless it has a discount are acting like spoiled children.
it's an amazing gaming experience.

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