The Top 10 Most Important Characters: Video Game VIPs

YVG writes:
"Hanks. Nicholson. Streep. You need to open a film, you bring in the bigwigs. Silver screen A-listers determine the tone and timbre of the Hollywood heartbeat, selling more overpriced buckets of popcorn than the entire Redenbacher clan. One DeNiro is worth, like, twenty Jason Schwartzmanns.

The same goes for video games. While we all clamor for more original products and new franchises, it's important to honor the select few that, at the end of the day, truly make the virtual world go round. We tip our caps to these groundbreaking characters; without them, we'd all still be named Player 1."

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Genki4004d ago

Hate to say that for BOTH of them.

I grew up loving Sonic. Swore on my life that Sonic>Mario. I begrudgingly say that Mario truly owns him now. Heck, Conker owns Sonic these days. Thing is, every and anything Sonic for the past 7 years or so has been crap. I hate to say it, but that's just the way I see it. The character has not proven that it had staying power.

Kratos hasn't had a misstep yet...but hasn't been around for nearly long enough. GoW is easily among my PS2 top fives, and I'd kill to play a PS3 iteration(it's coming), but as it stands, Kratos isn't there...YET. In 5 years, sure, but right now, again I begrudgingly say negative.

Cool list otherwise.

Mr_Kuwabara4004d ago

It's not who owns who now, but what they did for the gaming industry.

Genki4004d ago

In that respect, I agree.

solar4003d ago

i agree also. good call.

DeckUKold4002d ago

ryu and ken in top 5 kratos and master chief off that list link and pac man higher than lara croft gordan freeman also off replace those three with donkey kong cloud and SE-PHI-ROTH

jinn4002d ago

sephiroth is one of them