Final Fantasy XIV PS3 Version Coming “At All Costs”. New Interview to Naoki Yoshida Published.

In a new interview by the game's community team, director Naoki Yoshida states clearly that the PS3 version of the game will be released "At All Costs" and shares some interesting details about the future of Final Fantasy XIV.

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Godmars2902657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

And the only reason people care is to see weather or not its as big a disaster as it was on PC.

Abriael2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Actually a lot of people care because it's quite promising and it may very well turn the game (that has already improved a whole lot) around.

if they're smart, they'll do a big (and cheap) relaunch on steam right at the same time.

Spenok2657d ago

Agreed. This game has gotten MUCH better since launch.

However is it worth Pay 2 Play yet? i dont think so. The game however, has what looks to be a bright future.

Heres to hopeing.

evrfighter2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

I played it last night for the first time in a long long time.

I can't believe show shitty this game is still. Not even max graphics 60fps saved this game for me.

I even tried using a controller this time. spamming X for a light attack is soooooooo lazy. wtf was SE thinking

if you had great memories in ffxi and are waiting for ff14. I'm sorry to say this but please preserve those memories and never touch this game.

Redempteur2657d ago

THE PS3 version should at least be good on the graphics sides of things . With a reworked server architecture, this alone ( with the pc quests changes ) could make this worthwhile.

Xof2657d ago

No, not really.

The game is garbage.

When people talk about it being "much better since launch," they're speaking euphemistically. What they mean is, "it's actually playable now."

It's an salvageable mess. If Square-Enix were a competent game company, they would have cut their losses and abandoned the project long ago. Or started over from scratch.

But, as we've seen time and time again, Square Enix is very, very inept. They like to spend exorbitant amounts of time, money and effort creating really shallow, bad games.

Redempteur2657d ago

besides the hate can you do something else ?

no ?? i thought so .

RememberThe3572657d ago

If a game sucks a game sucks. He has the right to tell the truth.

fluffydelusions2657d ago

I don't think many even care at this point. Just give us Versus already.

Omega Zues2657d ago


FFXIV had its chance. I was there back in the beta. There was pages after pages of complaints and issues with the game and SE over looked it all. Since its release I gave up on 14.

But hey, I understand that there are players who love FFXIV and if thats the case then more power to ya. Just my 2 cent opinion.

Abriael2657d ago

The market is full of games that launched badly (even very badly) and then turned things around, becoming very enjoyable in the long run. EVE Online, Champions Online, Age of Conan... the list is long.

It's simply a fact that most MMORPGs become much better experiences a year or more into their lifetime and "giving up" on them right after launch is simply a good way to lock yourself out of some good times. But hey, if that's what floats your boat, more power to ya :D

Gotta laugh, though, at all the people clamorning for Versus XIII like it was some sort of messiah, while we know very, very little about it (and like Square Enix doesn't have multiple teams, so that the development of other games doesn't influence Versus XIII one bit).

Larry L2657d ago

Spot on Abriael. At least for the first part anyway. I know tons of people just wrote off FF14 just based on the beta. But that's what Beta's are for. The only problem is: there were SO many things wrong with the game, and creating all the code and intergrating it into a MMO takes ALOT of time, and they didn't just delay the PC version along with the PS3 version. By the time that PS3 version launches, maybe even the same day FF14 is going to get a GIGANTIC update that's going to make it a very good game.

Sony as a whole NEEDS FF14 to be great on PS3. It has the potential to make them HUGE money if gamers consider it great.

I don't agree with your 2nd part though. I know it sucks waiting for vs13. But I hate how people are suddenly badmouthing that game. I think that game will be worth the wait to have it super polished and flawless. And it will be, because it's the team behind FF7 and Kingdom Hearts.

Based on the dev team and how far PS3 coding knowledge has come since the gameplay we saw was made......I promise you that game will be worth the wait to fans of FF7 and Kingdom Hearts who are now the ages for a far more mature version of that..

Reibooi2657d ago

@Larry L

Versus is not being done by many folks who worked on FFVII. Nomura might be the only one but I can't be certain of that. He is certainly the only big name working on it from FFVII.

Much more of the team for FFXIII and FFXIII-2 were from FFVII and most people didn't like that game either.

I think versus is going to be a incredible game though. While it's true we have seen very little of it it's also true that everything we have seen is stunning to say the least and the time being put into it is clearly to make it as good as it can be. I personally think Nomura is putting his all in this game he wants it to be his masterpiece.

However I agree with Abriael on the point that pretty much everyone bashes SE just to say release Versus faster. If they dropped FFXIV it would not make Versus come out any quicker it's a different time and the same is true for FFXIII-2 everyone who thinks if SE cancels these games Versus will somehow magically come out quicker are wrong and it's annoying when you see comments like that on every single SE related story.

maniacmayhem2657d ago

With Square's track record this gen, why does everyone believe VERSUS will be this grand stupendous game?

If anything and the game taking just as long as XIII did, i would be skeptical and worried.

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Sprudling2657d ago

Can we have just one Square Enix related article without someone having to mention Versus?

The ironic thing is that in every article which actually is about Versus everyone claim they have almost forgotten about it...

Denethor_II2657d ago

I thought they already did. I suppose not.

smilydude132657d ago

So how would they be able to salvage this game? At this point it seems to have a big stigma associated with it due to being released in an utterly broken state.

Maybe they should just work on it for 3 more years and call it Final Fantasy XV.

Abriael2657d ago

By adding quality content and fun stuff to do? You know, like they are already doing :D

Some developers say "oh well", fire whole teams and abandon their games in a state of disrepair if they happen to launch badly. Some work hard and invest a lot in trying to turn them into good games to turn things around and give paying customers their money's worth, even if it's an uphill path.

Don't know about you, but I prefer the second option.

smilydude132657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Obviously I prefer the second option. I think you missed the point. It released in an awful state and has a 49 on metacritic because of it. It has a stigma and people who don't follow the game or its improvements would likely be reluctant to give it a try.

I'm simply wondering how they could shake the stigma that the game has and capture peoples interest again. And while steadily improving the game may help I don't see just that doing the trick.

Redempteur2657d ago

well that isn't insurmontable. you can get past this by fixing the game and releasing the PS3 version ( and a PC patched version ) with ads ..lots of them .

Offer a 1 month trial, extra items
and so on ..there are plenty of way to save FF14

SoundGamer2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

After the failed PC version and the indefinitely delayed PS3 version, I lost interest in this game.

Show me something that will really make it worth my while and maybe I'll give it a second look.

It's sad really. I was looking forward to this game a whole bunch before it was released on PC last year.

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