Xbox 360 vs PS3 Top Exclusives 2011: The Showdown

In a few weeks, okay, months Microsoft and Sony will roll out with their blockbuster games 2011 - Gears of War 3, Uncharted 3, Forza 4 and more. The question is: Which publisher offers the best games by end of the year? Which games are coming? The showdown begins.

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Inside_out2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

It's a one sided fight at the moment...but things change.

Sony delayed a couple big exclusives ( LBP and So-com ) last year ( 2010 ) at the expense of having nothing from about March till late December 2010 when GT launched...well, mod nation PSn racers...0_o Move had some interesting things as well.

M$ seems to only care abot the holidays these days and now with Kinect being a big seller, trying to lock up as many casuals as possible.

Sony wins hands down, at least for the first half of 2011 but Holiday 2012 will no doubt be different. Forza 4 and Gears of war 3 and Halo Anniversary edition will carry M$ nicely and COD MW3 is always a big seller. Kinect has some big games releasing so the holidays will be a bonanza for M$. Witcher 2 could surprise a few peeps as well.

Sony has some big exclusives as well with Res 3 and Uncharted 3 carry the Sony flag and COD as well.

Either way...the year is only half through...this article will be answered in Jan/Feb of 2012. it OK to be happy with ALL the games releasing this year or are we only suppose to care about exclusives...o_0

The article is nothing but pics and a couple of those games have been delayed...Last Guardian has disappeared ( again ) Twisted Metal has gone silent and I think Splinter cell is delayed as well.

Dart892743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

Why bring cod and the Witcher2 up he's talking about EXCLUSIVES not multiplats >_<.

Twisted Metal has gone silent.

Are you living under a rock??I believe where suppose to get new info this month.

M-Easy2743d ago

That was the most incoherent lop-sided ill informed argument I've ever read. And I've just read some Michelle Bachmann rhetoric.

Thoreau2742d ago

wish in one hand, sh!t in the other.

Objective2743d ago

Quantity or quality? I'm personally more excited about the best 3rd person shooter ever and the best driving game ever!

Hicken2743d ago

You mean Uncharted 3 and GT5? Well, the latter is already out, so you can go enjoy it right now.

MrDead2743d ago

He said driving game, GT5 is a sim.

Objective2743d ago

I wonder, do you see even a shimmer of light at the end of that tunnel vision of yours? GT5 is not even second place this gen I'm afraid.

MrDead2743d ago

GT5 is the top racing sim, Forza is the top racing game. They are two different things to compare them would be wrong.

Hicken2743d ago

If there are enough similarities, any two (or more) things can be compared.

GT and Forza are both racing games which claim (at least recently) amazing graphics and high levels of realism.

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ddkshah2743d ago

It depends on if you believe gamers or biased reviewers when it comes to quality Gamers Telly enjoyed infamous 2 while some reviewers were biased fuckers (edge) and ruined it's score. LBP 2 oth was a better game than la noire and has the reviews fro gamers and reviewers to prove it. So that's already a + for the ps3 side. Also resistance 3 looks like it will give a good challange to gears 3 leaving uncharted 3, R&C all4 one, and twisted metal with no competitors. With nfs the run I couldn't care about forza (not a big fan of realistic racers) and the frostbite 2 engine will do the game wonders on the pc vs forza ;) anyways Dead Island, Resistance 3, UC3 collectors, BF3, MW3, All 4 One already pre ordered :D this will so far be the best gaming year for me ;)

Objective2743d ago

No I'm talking about my appraisal of games I have played on both consoles.

I hardly regard UC as a pure shooter, and the shooter elements in the game pale in comparison with Gears, just as Gears' storytelling pale in comparison to UC.

To suggest that Resistance 3 will be anywhere near Gears 3 is purely conjectural as the track records suggest otherwise.

And it is not just that Forza has been stellar, it is just as much that GT5 has been a huge letdown, but of course bleeding heart loyalists insist otherwise, nothing new...

Finally I don't think you can make a meaningful comparison of L.A. Noire and LBP. It is a question of preference in gaming between those two games. But for all the wonderful graphics and gameplay options, I think Mario is still the better platformer compared to LBP.

SpinalRemains1382743d ago

One system has great exciting adventure games.

The other (when it works) has a racing game, a lasertag game, and some game where you move your living room around and pet baby animals.

Im kidding, guys. Please don't get all defensive and serious. Just relax and pet the baby tiger. He's so cute.

Jason1432743d ago

umm 2 games for xbox...this is stupid. Did a teenager write this? witcher and cod aren't exclusives so wtf

Chewy332743d ago

I believe it will continue being a Uncharted vs. Gears of war 3 fight. Right now I'm with Gears of war 3 though since I haven't heard what Uncharted 3 is offering that's new other then customization. Gears on the other hand has certainly gone up with there game offering...

Horde 2.0, Beast Mode, TDM, 40 Unlockable Characters, 100's of Ribbons/Medals, arcade mode, veichles, 4 player co-op campaign, thirty five dynamic Weapon skins, dynamic environment, 50 overall ultra-cinematic executions, dynamic changing enemies, an updated engine, dedicated servers along with a three year development time. This means that campaign will be magnificently longer then it's
predecessors. And horde and Beast mode are so detailed they can be stand alone games.

Right now Uncharted a decent MP if they fix what needs to be fixed in the MP and as always a great campaign.

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