Perfect 10/10 for COD4 from GameDaily

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare review by GameDaily.

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wangdiddy824091d ago

they didnt say anything about the ps3 version looking better.. Isnt this the site that stated the ps3 version would excel over the 360 version in terms of graphics?

I guess the devs fixed it so everyone wins.. Cant wait to play this

Shaka2K64091d ago

On x360 well not so much.
besides the fact that its a short game and all PC ports x360 games are this short also.

Douchebaggery4091d ago

I've never seen so much freaking perfect scores, EVER

boodybandit4091d ago

or the reviewers are all hitting the koolaid too hard this year. Lot's of 10's and 100's giving out this year for sure. Or maybe they are just as pumped as us gamers.

micro_invader4091d ago

wow a perfect 10!

I can't wait to get my hands on this! =D
only 2 more days for me (NZ)

Antiomo4091d ago

how can a game get a perfect 10.....

Im seeing more and more games getting perfect scores when they are NOT

im gonna get it on the ps3 or the pc (still have not decided) but from the sounds simlar to the old call of duty's ,very fun but not perfect material .

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