Interview with Mary DeMarle, narrative director for Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Bitmob)

Eidos Montreal discusses class struggle, mechanical augmentation, and corporate power in Deus Ex: Human Revolution's narrative.

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illegalyouth2657d ago

This is shaping up nicely...I'm glad to see that the developer has sought out such a range of excellent source material to draw from!

Pintheshadows2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

I swear to god that if I had a time machine i'd jump forward to the 23rd of August.

"Hey, you gonna go back and kill Hitler?"

"Nah, i'm going forward to buy the new Deus Ex".

On a serious note the way that the game is handling the augmentation issue is almost taking an extreme approach to the stem cell research controversy we have now. It is nice to have a game that mirrors current socio political trends as well.

lastdual2657d ago

Sweet. Could you pick me up the Skyrim GOTY Edition while you're gone?