Witcher 2 '360 version improved' Says Developer

“Releasing the PC game prior to the 360 has really given us some great insight… much of the current design improvements for 360 are actually based on community feedback."

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TrevorPhillips3666d ago

I hope this game comes to the PS3 :)

That's in my opinion, so please don't bash me with negative comments please.

Substance1013666d ago

They are a small developer, from what i heard porting to 360 is easy. Porting to PS3 would require too many resources hence may not be a feasible option.

ksense3666d ago

they never said they are not doing a ps3 version. since they are a small team they are starting with x360. I can almost guarantee that the game will come on ps3 down the line so whenever their next title comes all platforms will be supported.

Ares843666d ago

Maybe another studio can do it for them?? It's not like this haven't been done before.

Phantasm3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

I also read this. They said they would like to bring it to the PS3, but because they're a small studio, they just don't have the resources to do so.

bozebo3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

Substance is right.

TW2 already has a base of DX9 shaders & other rendering code that will instantly work on the 360. For the PS3, they have to re-write all that and a lot of the other code - and infact restructure the entire multithreaded architecture of the game. The PS3 uses OpenGL for a start, and it's GPU is far less shader capable than the 360's but the SPUs are there to be used for that, however they require entirely new custom programming that differs greatly from the code for PC/360.

Also, there aren't many developers that offer outsourcing for PS3 ports. Most of the skilled/trained/experienced individuals work for Sony exclusive partners - which is just a little mess Sony have gotten themselves into by making it hard to program for (and kept under control by headhunting for exclusive studios).

Next gen they may have a return to dominance because they wont make that mistake again. I think that MS are planning to release the '720' as an x64 machine running Windows 8 with a unique compatibility layer for gaming with that as a minimum spec. They don't have Blu-Ray hardware licensed and it is too early for digital distribution only (especially in their core markets).

AKS3666d ago

Would Atlus be interested in porting the PS3 version? They always do a fantastic job with RPGs. I realize they usually bring in overlooked JRPGs, but I think they would do a great job with this as well if they are interested.

reynod3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

lol have a look at the list, i see mostly PC and PS3 gamers. Anyways most PS3 gamers claim to have their fictitious rigs why not get the game on PC:P Its cheaper and superior.

testerg353666d ago

DualConsoleOwner, where are 360 fans "desperately hoping it won't come to the 360" comments?

EVILDEAD3603666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

Really looking forward to the game..especially after PC gamers have been ranting and raving at how good it is.

It looks like a 360 trifecta of RPG love for for me with Deus, Skyrim and this..

Great year to be a gamer


wolokowoh3666d ago

Actually they've said they've considered and are working on an engine for PS3 already, maybe for the Witcher 2 or future games.It's in an interview in Polish. The problem is they can't handle porting both versions at the same time and wish to focus on maximizing the quality of one version. BTW you can build a $900 that will run it with some highest settings as long as you cut uber sampling and a few features off. The same rig will run anything in the forseeable maxed out or on at least high. The obvious question is Battlefield 3 but that just depends on optimization and what setting you're willing to cut off..

BeOneWithTheGun3666d ago

Agreed. If they see good sales on the 360 that is def more capital for the ps3 version. Regardless, I am stoked to play it on my 360 and when the ps3 version comes out will play again for trophies.

nopunctuation3666d ago

m7 bnuyjh7 78 7

If you want to know what a facekeyboard looks like, that was it. For real.

RedDead3666d ago

Evil dead, don't forget dark souls! Bound to be great, just like Demons sols was

mac_sparrow3666d ago


"Anyways most PS3 gamers claim to have their fictitious rigs why not get the game on PC:P Its cheaper and superior."

I did, on my supposedly fictitious pc.

Seriously though, even though I have this game on PC for the mods and as it's where it was meant to be played, I would still like to see a ps2 release for those that don't have a pc to run it.

Bull5hifT3666d ago

Witch = Woman.... Witcher = ?.... Warlock = Male Witch.... Mermaid = WomanFish..... Merman = Friggen Gay.... Whats with the Name Please Explain

Denethor_II3666d ago

Maybe Sony should help them out if that is indeed the case.

Lich1203666d ago


Well, he's kinda a lady killer in the game. So, perhaps a witcher is someone who wrangles witches. Or more likely it's a term that exists in the context of the game and doesn't have a real world basis.

sjaakiejj3666d ago


You are correct with almost everything you said, up until this:
"which is just a little mess Sony have gotten themselves into by making it hard to program for "

The PS3 isn't hard to program for, that's the wrong word to use. It's very different to program for, but quite familiar to developers that are familiar with programming for Linux in general.

Since Windows has always been the dominating operating system, many developers only ever got experience in professional game programming for that operating system. For younger developers, that's starting to change, with experience in OpenGL and Linux being a focus in many University courses.

Dude4203665d ago

@ Bull5hifT

Witcher actually has the same meaning as Warlock. They decided to call him the Witcher instead of the Warlock because it's more suitable to the character.

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Hands Up For Games3666d ago

I dont see how anyone could bash you for that opinion!

I dont have a rig that is capable of playing The Witcher 2 the way its supposed to, so Im delighted that its coming to 360.

I know a few of my PS3 only friends would also love to play this game, so come on, CD Projekt, make it so!!

wolokowoh3666d ago

Do you have an old rig though? You can build a rig for around $900-$1100(I get my stuff on sale, list price would be more like $1500) that will run it maxed out with a few features cut off. The changes the features make aren't major except ubersampling but this so demanding it's ridiculous especially because the Witcher 2 is an overly demanding game as it is. If you already have a decent rig you can save some money and cut some corners. Here's a forum comparing graphics cards. http://forums.gametrailers....
A card that gets any more than 30-40 with a weaker cheaper CPU than is used for the chart is pointless. Expect to spend $100-200 on a graphic card and $450-600(sale price not list price) for the CPU. That being said you can get the other parts for a lot cheaper than you'd expect. As said before you can continue to lowe the price by settling for less than highest settings. You're already settling for "medium settings" on the 360 so you might as well lower your standards on PC and wait for the more power cards to become the cheap ones.

RedDragan3665d ago

Depending on how much you invest into games, it might be worth you while to build a new PC Rig.

So you will basically see a huge price tag on the hardware, say around $1000.... but when the Steam Sales come around you can get amazing games for as low $5 or less. Over one year you will have already started seeing good cost cutting model in action.

How much would 20 $5 games cost on PS3 or 360?! These games would cost you upto $60 each... and it is those games you get see in the rediculously awesome Steam Sales. In 3 years you are already starting to get financially above the console route. By year four, you have spent alot less than you console counterpart... and that is if you are not a so called hardcore gamer. Because 10 new PS3 or 360 titles can cost upto $600... a year.

It does ofcourse depend on how many games you think you buy a year.

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Gray-Fox-Type03666d ago

This bad for the PC and PS3 gamers..As PC lost a great exclusive and PS3 getting nada...

But maybe 2 years down the line they will get it..

Lord_Sloth3666d ago

They didn't say it isn't coming to the PS3, just that it's coming to the 360.

Substance1013666d ago

Only console gamers see it that way. Loosing an exclusive lol. Imo all games should be multiplat. However they should catter to every platforms strength.

Unfortunately the platform that suffers the most is the PC. If more devs worked like CDproject or what Dice is currently doing things would be good.

bumnut3666d ago

PC gamers don't care about games been exclusive, its just annoying when the PC version of a game gets gimped because of console limitations.

aquamala3666d ago

Pc gamers didn't lose anything, I think it's great 360 owners get to play the game, not everyone has a gaming pc.

evrfighter3666d ago

"PC gamers don't care about games been exclusive, its just annoying when the PC version of a game gets gimped because of console limitations."

1000X this.

Ravenor3666d ago

The "exclusive" argument and feeling of loss attached to losing an exclusive on a platform is only felt and used by idiots who pledge allegiance to a box under their tv's.

Great more people get to play Witcher 2 and CD Project gets more money. I love that. Most people who love quality games, would also agree that this is nothing but good news. Witcher 2 and it's gameplay can fit nicely on a 360 and PS3.

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Christopher3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

1. Link to article in your browser
2. Hit Ctrl+F to open search function
3. Enter in "better" into search field and hit enter
4. Look for where the developer actually said this.

Extremely flamebait title is extremely flamebait title.

Edit: And don't give me this whole "it's single quotes" BS. You are explicitly saying as such in your title for hits, nothing else. Talk about shoddy journalism.

ChrisW3666d ago


10 Bubbles? Have you ever used all of those them on a single thread before? Seems kinda ridiculous to have so many...

snipes1013666d ago

Well medium settings is good enough for me. I don't need the shiniest graphics around to have fun.

SLLCKGT3666d ago

Even if this game sells 100,000 copies on PS3, thats 6 million dollars before breaking it up. Since the game is complete and all they would have to do is port it, I don't see why it won't come onto the PS3 later on.

KillerPwned3666d ago

I have heard tho when it comes to development for the PS3 Sony does a lot to help a developer make a game for the PS3. As for the other companies (MS and Nintendo) I bet they do the same thing to.

showtimefolks3666d ago

and hopefully after the xbox360 port is done q1 2012 will see a ps3 release.

its a great game made by a very under rated studio so the more people get to play it the better for them

Chucky20033666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

They will do it eventually,actually that guy who appears in mostly every video about the game,i think is the co founder of CD Projekt in an interview that i read he said he likes the PS3 a lot,so my bet is that it will come,not this year,but they will make it

OpenGL3665d ago

Wow, have we really gotten to the point where we have to worry about attack when saying we'd like the ability to play a game on a platform we own?

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Biglet3666d ago

Yeah - that was interesting: "any critical improvements made for the 360 will also be provided back to the PC community in some form or another."

Cd Projekt learns from PC version, makes TW2 360 version better, then patches Pc version to make it EVEN better :)

Convas3666d ago

No where in that interview did CDProjektRed say that Witcher 2 was better on 360.

Oi. Do you damn jobs, and report the actual story. They said that they are enjoying the challenge of working The Witcher 2 on the Xbox 360, and feel confident that they can deliver a good looking game graphically.

Substance1013666d ago

Lol they mention it looks like medium settings on PC, which again they may be saying to make the console fans happy, developers usually do this. Later on the game may be Sub hd running at low settings.

Convas3666d ago

I've seen the game running on 360. Didn't look sub-HD to me. CDPR is using real talk here son, you may want to look up what that means.

Biglet3666d ago

Single quotation marks are used for the heading - which the literate would know to mean a paraphrasing, not a direct quote.

jakethesnake3666d ago

That isn't a real grammar rule.

fullymoated3666d ago

You guys are so defensive. I think the author meant better in a sense that they are fixing some of the design and balancing issues that the PC community brought to their attention. Some of these comments act as if the title was "Witcher 2 Graphically Better on 360"

Nate-Dog3666d ago

Journalism these days isn't about what it was always supposed to be about, telling the truth. It's just about sensationalist titles and looking for attention anyway you can get it.

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slavish33666d ago


Lord_Sloth3666d ago

I suppose, as long as you like FPS titles there's lots of options.

femshep3666d ago

what are you talking about there is just as many not shooters coming out as well

Lord_Sloth3666d ago

Perhaps but it's easy to see that shooters have been saturating the market like crazy. It's very annoying.