The Hearts Of Men: Throne Of Deceit Details Revealed

Coltran studios have revealed several new details about The Hearts Of Men: Throne Of Deceit; the massive update to their award-winning fantasy hack & slash game.

Dealspwn writes: "COLTRAN Studios, a veteran indie outfit with experience working for Midway and Day 1 Studios, released The Hearts Of Men on Xbox Live Indie marketplace earlier this year to massive critical acclaim. We awarded their fantasy hack & slash fest with our Xbox Live Indie Game Of The Week trophy... and after going back to the drawing board, COLTRAN will be delivering a massive new update that will completely change the face of the game as well as adding a huge amount of extra content. Not only that, but the title has apparently been accepted into the Top 25 titles for this year's indie Summer Uprising promotion - meaning that it could well be one of the featured games. We've got the skinny - and some nifty promotions including ways of getting your hands on the pre-release demo - below."

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FuzzyPixels2656d ago

Excellent stuff. The Hearts of Men was brilliant, can't wait for the update!