VGU: Forza 4 Video Shows Hands On With Wireless Wheel

TeamVVV have posted a video of them playing Forza Motorsport 4 with the new wireless steering wheel. Which if you can remember, was announced at E3 earlier in the year.

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DJMarty2749d ago

Yet another Microsoft 'U-Turn'.

So much for 'your the controller bullshit'

Face it, Kinect sucks.

Brrm Brrm Brrm..................LOL

kingdoms2749d ago

What the Hell are you talking about kid? The 360 has a ton of 3rd party peripherals.

MOTY2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

@ DJMarty

What are you talking about? It's a wireless wheel. It's the same as a regular wheel that has a cord but instead this is a wireless one. What does Kinect have to do with this? It's basically just a controller like any gaming controller except it removes the analog sticks and you just turn the peripheral like a wheel, hence why it's a wireless wheel. It doesn't even use Kinect.


Minimox162749d ago

I think he tried to said that, what happen with the "you are the control" of kinect. but i see this has an optional peripheral and what i hear, it work nice.

MaximusPrime2749d ago

Probably not as accurate as logitech gt force steering wheel

rlineker2749d ago

Probably a lot cheaper though and hence a better option for the 'casual gamer'.

Bounkass2749d ago

Nice concept, I hope they can get rid of the slight lag.

level 3602749d ago

Nothing beats a proper steering wheel. Pity for us who already own a Logitech wheel ( and surely can't afford to buy another one like Fanatec or any other good brands ) won't be able to use it on Forza 4.. think Microsoft is sort of cheating and tricking us with this control pad, when a normal XBox pad does the same.

Inside_out2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

I know GT is incredible looking but you have to admit, Turn Ten are going all out on this.

The wireless steering wheel is a nice looking wheel and I think that the guy said it best. If your new to these types of experiences, then the wireless steering wheel would make a great first starter BUT there are some great steering wheels on the market.

Did I mention how sweet this game want that 3 screen set up with the force feedback chair...WoW!!!

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