Playdom's New Game: ESPN Sports Bar & Grill! First Impressions

Playdom have today released a new game; adding to their list of titles: ESPN Sports Bar & Grill! Now, telling by the name, this is an obvious sports themed game; in particular, baseball. But the thing is, this game doesn't just cater to baseball fans, this is also a simulation and management game that kind of has the essence of Market Street, another Playdom title.

The premise of this game is that you are in charge of overseeing and running a sports bar! Customers will walk in and sit in whatever seats are available, or stand at the front bar; and it is up to you to keep them enjoying themselves with drinks and food (which you also have to periodically restock). Playdom have also taken the next step in making the game incredibly interactive. Unlike in previous games, you are the one doing all the serving by having to physically click on the patrons when a thought icon appears above their head, when you run low on food or drink, etc. In return, the patrons drop experience, coins a...

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