Opinion: Why Disks Need to Die... |

Dan from tells you why he thinks that next gen consoles could be better served by shunning optical media in favour of digital downloading/streaming.

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NovusTerminus2706d ago

I have a 250gig cap on my internet. And some games are running 15gigs a game... No thanks. I want my disk.

potedude2706d ago

I have a cap, a slow connection and like having my games in the cabinet. Maybe in quite a few years from now they may go totally downloadable, but not for now.

Downloaded InFamous on the welcome back package, it took a couple of hours. No way do I want to do that every time I get a game...

NovusTerminus2706d ago

Yep. and My connection seems to crash a good bit.

Major game release date *Net crashes*

That would get old the first time it happened, and I know my luck!

thatgameshow2706d ago

Sure, that's the case at the moment. In the future, I'm pretty confident we'll see higher speed internet with fewer speed/usage restrictions, built specifically to work with such services as Movie/Games streaming from central servers. Therefore they'll be no real need for you to have a disk right?