Hitman: Absolution makes you “feel like the ultimate assassin”

Designers talk about how control tweaks in Absolution allow “normal humans” to play like “the ultimate assassin” instead of being reduced to going in all guns blazing.

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CoD5112658d ago

Really looking forward to playing it, been wanting a new Hitman for ages :)

Kurylo3d2658d ago

I really hope they dont screw up this franchise... its my favorite franchise and the gameplay was at perfection levels... i dont know what there talkn about when they say u play old hitman games and run through shooting... i call bull. Play it on hard and u die in 1 or 2 shots.

Bounkass2658d ago

Ultimate assassin, behind a TV screen. Right...

rabidpancakeburglar2658d ago

Yes, but if they want to continue their work off the screen at least they will have learned how.

sam22362658d ago

Nah, it'll make you feel like a casual.

Coffin872658d ago

I pray to God that not.

If they *HAVE* to include things like knowing where an enemy will go, OK, then do it, but BY GOD include the option to turn that stuff off.
Like the runner vision in Mirror's Edge. I was SO annoyed, switched it off, awesome now.
Or this orange vision thingy in Deus Ex 3.

Der_Kommandant2658d ago

Makes me feel like Agent 47?

Ducky2658d ago

I thought Assassins Creed did that?

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