3D, I Do Not Need Thee

SG: The other day I went to see Transformers: Dark of the Moon and unbeknownst to me, the time I wanted to go to was a 3D showing. I had to make the choice of paying extra to watch the movie in 3D or waiting a few hours to catch the next regular D version. I paid the extra money and got coke spilled on my lap, but that’s not 3D’s fault.

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fr0sty2654d ago

This article fails to point out that there are passive 3DTVs that use the same cheap glasses you get from the movie theater, that not everyone gets a headache from 3D, and that Sony isn't requiring anyone to make the switch to 3D, it is entirely optional.

The author should just go buy a 2DTV and quit bitching and moaning while the rest of us enjoy our 3D. To many of us, 3D actually adds a strategic advantage to gameplay. Especially considering it's kinda how we see real life and all... Spatial awareness can do nothing but help in a video game when implemented properly.

Venox20082654d ago

I do enjoy 3D in cinemas, I do with 3DS too.. after a week of headache from 3DS now I can play as long as I problem... each people - individual experience... and stop bit*hing :)