100 Days to go: 10 Reasons to Buy Batman: Arkham City With 100 days til Batman: Arkham City's release here's a run-down on the 10 reasons why it's a must buy.

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Stuart57562658d ago

One reason to buy Arkham City:

It's the sequal to Rocksteady's 'Arkham Asylum'. Nuff said.

DangerousDanMcGrew2658d ago

Why would anyone need 10 reasons? The only reason you need is it looks friggin' awesome!

Bounkass2658d ago

1: it's Batman
2: it's Batman
3: it's Batman
4: it's Batman
5: it's Batman
6: it's Batman
7: it's Batman
8: it's Batman
9: it's Batman
10: it's Batman

reddeadite2658d ago

You forgot the last one

Camb316912658d ago

Just knowing it was made by Rocksteady warranted a preorder. From the looks of it, this game is gonna be amazing.

jacksonmichael2657d ago

Why is gameplay number six? Isn't that why we play any game?